May 21, 2024

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Thieves' new trick: This is how they steal from drivers on the national highway

Thieves' new trick: This is how they steal from drivers on the national highway

It has been proven that the imagination of thieves is truly inexhaustible, and they are coming up with more and more ways to remove valuables from cars.

With more and more “weapons” their quiver is enriched ThievesSo that they can do that Cheating unsuspecting drivers, Snatching valuables from the cabin of their cars.

In fact, it seems that vandals do not only “hit” cars parked in the narrow streets of cities, but also target those moving in them. highway.

How the files work was demonstrated in a video posted on Youtube a few months ago. The incident occurred in Spain.

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A group of travelers heading to… Alicante city, In the southern part of the Valencian community, it is suddenly accepted It was overtaken by the SEAT brand SUV.

The driver of the SUV signals to the unsuspecting travelers StopPointing out to them that there is a problem with the wheel of their car.

Both cars stop at the LEA, where the SEAT driver exits the car and alerts his target driver to the 'problem' with his car's wheel.

While the seat driver explains The unsuspecting driver is the problem Facing the latter's car, Shrek and I got out of the SUV Lightning movements He breaks into the car and steals valuables such as a camera and laptop from his unsuspecting victims. The eagle's talons completed their mission and she escaped.

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As foreign media reported, when victims became aware of the scam, they tried to identify the perpetrators Persecution. But the result of this is not visible in the video.

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According to foreign media, the victims were able to locate the perpetrators, after paralyzing them latest vehicle, Attack them and get one back Backpack. But not the camera and laptop, which were the most valuable items.

They are also working on tolls

It is worth noting that another theft scam was recorded on national highways. The workplace of spirals is also Booth numberThey approach vehicles at toll booths without an employee They deflate car tires.

After a few kilometers, the victim realizes that there is a problem with the tire and stops in a safe place in order to… Check what's happening. Suddenly gang members appear who – posing as “good Samaritans” – offer to help A helping hand for the driver.

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While one of the gang members “helps” the unsuspecting driver solve the tire problem, one of the accomplices enters the target car and steals valuables such as… Mobile phones and bags.

According to police authorities, drivers must be inside full wakefulness, Not stopping without a clear reason based on the instructions of other drivers, but if stopping is unavoidable, they must do so They lock their car doors.

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