May 22, 2024

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This is EL.AS’s plan of action for the Conference League Final

This is EL.AS’s plan of action for the Conference League Final

EL.AS and the Greek Government are preparing for the Conference League Final at the OPAP Arena and SPORT24 presents part of the operational action plan for the big match between Olympiacos and Fiorentina.

Both the Greek government and the Greek Police got involved in the Grand Final of the Conference League between Olympiacos and Fiorentina (29/05, 22:00).

Already on Monday (13/05) the first meeting on security measures for the big match was held at the OPAP Arena, in the presence of Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysokoidis. The operational plan includes State Security, the Sub-Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Stadiums, MAT teams, OPKE police officers, anti-terrorism and UEFA officials, as well as the entire EL.AS.

More than 6,000 police officers

According to his information Sport24More than 6,000 police will be present on foot in order to prevent any problems during the movement of Olympiacos and Fiorentina fans to the stadium and in general while the big match is running smoothly.

The exact number of police officers will be not only in New Philadelphia, but in the wider region, where they will have a supervisory role, while in some places there will also be specially trained dogs.

Fan relocation plan

In fact, the passage of large crowds of friends of the two teams, especially Olympiacos fans, will be via trains that will depart from the ISAP station in Piraeus and will not stop anywhere, in order to avoid any encounter with the fans. From other teams.

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The area surrounding the OPAP Arena will be cordoned off for a distance of at least two kilometers, and of course no one will be able to approach the stadium without presenting a match ticket.

At the same time, for security reasons, there are ideas to recommend the closure of shops in the area surrounding the stadium. Instead, the stores located in the OPAP Arena will be given to UEFA immediately after the end of the Greek League in order to use it for its own business.

Double and triple checks before entering the stadium

Fans attending the match will enter the stadium in an organized manner, and receive the necessary instructions from stadium security and the Hellas Football Association, while it is expected that double and triple checks will be carried out until entering the OPAP Stadium, as is the case now. Usual in all UEFA major finals as well.

Discussions about The business plan is being implemented, therefore, depending on what will happen in the near future, the corresponding variations will be made. It is certain that the OPAP Arena will… serve as a fortress on match day, with the aim of holding the final match without the slightest problem and the fans who will be in the stadium to enjoy a unique experience.