June 25, 2024

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This is how you make your child “cars” from an early age

This is how you make your child “cars” from an early age

You all may not remember this, but there were thumbnails of it Mercedes-Benz SL And Porsche 911Ideal for accommodating a child Up to 5 years And driving it in open spaces. Now, both are sold through eBay Whoever catches up will do an amazing job and… very expensive A gift for his child.

The two small cars were manufactured in the eighties and nineties by the Polish company alphawith 2000 units To leave the factory completely.

Two very popular models are the R129 generation Mercedes-Benz SL And classic Porsche 911. naturally, alpha It received special permission from both companies before launching it.

Concerning the specific items now being sold, ca Mercedes They are like new. Its headlights are functional, as are the rear light bodies, while the open cabin consists of seat,steering wheel, Gear shiftAn analogue instrument panel and some switches.

At the back of it is one 127 cc gasoline engine. Ha Briggs & Stratton. Who works with Two-speed manual transmissionwhile there is also the opposite.

the Porsche 911 It has the same dimensions, except that it received Several upgrades Since it was first manufactured 1989. It only has one seat, but the body is a faithful copy of it Turbo version.

Its engine is Honda G100 to 83 cc It helps the car to accelerate even 40 km/h. Something that can be mechanically limited if you don’t want your child to play Schumacher early on.

as in Mercedesthe Porsche It has been kept in excellent condition Both aesthetically and mechanically. That’s why they cost so much money, though Mercedes To be sold to 9600 euros And Porsche L 10,900 eurosthrough him always eBay.

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