April 13, 2024

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This is the maximum age a human being can reach today

This is the maximum age a human being can reach today

The only certain thing in a man's life is that He cannot escape death. However, the question is How long can one live?

now, Scientists After studying Universities of Tilburg and RotterdamGive the answer to the maximum age a human being can reach.

According to Uniladthe researchers studied 75,000 people who died in the Netherlands until 2017. They did not focus on life expectancy to arrive at the answer, but looked at how long a person could live as long as they took care of themselves and whether their life expectancy was not affected by disease or other condition.

By looking at the age of the people in the study when they died, the researchers determined this The maximum age of a person is 90But scientists They believe that people can live longer.

They claim so It is unlikely that a person will live beyond 115 years.

Longer lifespan for women

They also found that women's lives are slightly longer than men's. While exceeding the maximum age for women 115.7 yearsIt is estimated that men have reached their maximum age 114.1 years.

Commenting on the results, Professor said John EinmalOne of the three scientists who conducted the study said, “On average, people live longer, but the oldest among us have not aged in the past thirty years.” There is definitely some kind of wall here. Naturally, life expectancy increased. but, The maximum itself has not changed».

However, researchers admitted this In some cases, some people cross the lineOne example of this is the Japanese, Jerimon Kimurawho arrived 116 And the French nun Sister Andrewhich he lived for 118 years old.

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