June 19, 2024

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This is the most in-demand profession in Europe – nearly 800,000 vacancies in the coming years

This is the most in-demand profession in Europe – nearly 800,000 vacancies in the coming years

There is a lot of interest in the road freight transportation industry, as companies are unable to find workers.

Serious problems in Suppliers The reason for this is the shortage of truck drivers that has been observed across Europe and is expected to happen and intensify it in the coming years According to estimates Job vacancies are expected to increase.

The alarm bell is constantly ringing International Road Transport Association (IRU), which in a recent study of A sample of 1,000 land transport companies for goods It found that more than half are unable to expand their operations because they are unable to hire new drivers.

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This lack of skills ProfessionalsIt also led to a decrease in productivity in about 50% of companies, and a decrease in revenues in 40% of them.

groups in European Union, Norway And United kingdom the Driver shortage reaches at least 233,000 people It is appreciated Until 2028, Because many workers are retiring, the shortage will correspond to more than 745,000 – If the necessary measures are not taken.

It is reported that her profession is a truck driver Population aging With middle age 47 years. the A third of drivers eabove 55 years old He is expected to retire in the next ten years, at the same time that the percentage of drivers retiring is rising Under 25 years old Limited to levels belowp 5%.

Companies are looking for the “antidote.”

The ITU study shows this more than 70% European companies are frantically looking for ways to achieve this Attract new drivers. In particular, more than half of the companies offer Reward for achieving the goal And Salaries are very high.

in Europeon average, S Total salary Who is the truck driver? 55% Higher than the minimum wage, reaching 133% in the Netherlands.

Truck drivers

Other corporate actions for attract new “blood”, These relate to investing in better means (44% of companies), covering the costs of entering professions (35%), and providing opportunities to upgrade skills (25%).

In relation to them Factors discouraging young people from entering the professionThe most important of which is the high cost of obtaining a truck driving license, which is on average 3.7 times higher than the average monthly minimum wage.

And finally, according to the IRU, in Europe Only 4% of truck drivers are womenGermany (7.2%), Romania (6.1%), and France (4.5%) recorded the highest rates.

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The guarantee is the necessary conditions for a greater number of women to enter this profession Safer working conditions And the Create guarded areas for their comfort.

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