July 20, 2024

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This is the “Red and White” derby (photos)

This is the “Red and White” derby (photos)

Olympic Panathinaikos will face Spyros Gyalampidis in the sixth round of Superleague K19.

The “red and white” won 1-0, with a goal scored by Kostolas, in the 59th minute. After Charalamboglou headed the ball into the first post from a corner kick, Kostolas sent the ball into Panagakos’ net. This is the second derby to be painted in red and white during the current two weeks. After the match between the B teams in Superleague 2.

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The home team hit a cross from Costola in the 36th minute after a free kick, while Charalamboglou missed a four-pointer in the 38th minute.

For its part, Panathinaikos had good moments with Volakis (24 minutes) and Georgulakis (31 minutes).

Premier League K-19 / 2023-2024 / OSFP – PAO (Michalis Karagiannis / Eurokinesi)

Formation of the two teams:

Olympiacos (Celidopoulos): Cena, Koutsougoulas, Perikatis, Kostoulas, Tanoulis, Liatskouras, Pneumonidis, Bakolas, Charalamboglou, Papakanellos, Alavakis.

Olympiacos K19 - Panathinaikos K19 1-0: And this is the derby

Panathinaikos (Drenova): Panagakos, Skarlatidis, Diamantis, Katris, Nikoletopoulos, Phagianidis, Volakis, Simonidis, Lazaris, Prigo, Georgulakis.

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