June 21, 2024

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This Omega x Swatch Collab is breaking the internet

This Omega x Swatch Collab is breaking the internet

An unexpected collaboration has fans watching over the moon. Omega Swatch has teamed up with Swatch to offer a set of 11 models for what they call MoonSwatch. Recreate the exact proportions and celebrity styling Omega Speedmaster Moonwatchthese are quartz watches in Vivid Pottery Cases … and their cost is 260 dollars.

The Speedmaster is an absolute staple for collecting watches, but its current version costs about $6,400. The opportunity to get it for a fraction of that – with a disc already signed by Omega itself – is exciting for many people. Let’s face it, though, even if you already have a Moonwatch, or have never wanted one (which is hard to believe), this is just plain fun.


Swatch mission Mercury watch


The MoonSwatch measures the same 42mm as the Speedmaster with all the details intact, from the hull circumference to the “stepped” sub-dials. Of course, they are immediately distinguishable from Speedmasters for several reasons. First, the quartz movements dictate a particular dial layout with evenly spaced sub-counters on the dial rather than the Speedmaster’s layout crowding the sub-counters toward the lower half. If you look closely, you’ll also find “Swatch” and “MoonSwatch” there on the dial.

With each version set on a different celestial body in our solar system, the lunar version is the closest to an actual Omega Speedmaster. However, the other editions get some creative licenses and take advantage of Bioceramic capabilities, offering all kinds of cases and colorful designs, just as you’d expect from Swatch. Bioceramic is a Swatch-specific material that uses ceramic and castor oil to make something like a plastic-ceramic hybrid that’s lightweight, silky, scratch-resistant and interesting.

Swatch mission to watch Mars


Swatch task for the buyer's watch


You can get one in pink for Venus, yellow for the sun, green and blue for Earth itself, or one for Mars depending on Prototype An Omega was made for NASA in 1972. More touches for the ultimate watch enthusiast: a “90-over” point design and a hidden “S” embedded in the center of the crystal. It is worth checking all the differences. All will come on Velcro is just like the astronauts wear on their spacesuits.

While there is an abundance of cooperation these days, those between my two companies are rare watches with secrecy and competition being the norm. Omega and Swatch are both sister brands on the inside Swatch group, but it’s still amazing to see something like the legitimately coveted Omega (and Speedmaster) name on a $260 watch. Some may feel that it devalues ​​the Omega brand and the Speedmaster’s design, but it also shows the Omega as fun as well as appealing to a younger audience – and those who can’t currently afford a Speedmaster. We would love to see more of this collaboration between watch brands.

So, how do you get one? For now, they will only be available at Select Swatch Stores Starting Saturday, March 26th, one customer can buy no more than two of them. In other words, it can be really hard to get, because it won’t be available online, at least for now.

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