May 18, 2024

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Thousands are coming to a “change” at the end of the Colombian left’s campaign

Bogot,, March 4 Thousands of people, especially young people, completed the campaign of left-wing historic chamber chamber and senate candidates in Bogot this Friday under the slogan “Change begins on March 13”. And former candidate Gustavo Pedro, the favorite on the ballot. Aterciopelados and Dr. With the music of some of the country’s leading rock and rap groups such as Krápula, with the white flags of the Youth Coalition, the “deal change” was celebrated and recalled. Government in Colombia. “The country is with us; the time for change has come, and it will be a profound, peaceful and peaceful transformation,” he explained to a lively audience at the Central Plaza de los Periodistas in the capital, the second Senate on the closed list, Maria Jose Pizarro’s historic deal. Pizarro, the daughter of Carlos Pizarro Leongomas, the historic leader of the M-19 guerrillas, promised that “Bogot was part of the reserve of freedom and opposition; when the whole country returned to Eurasia, Bogot was the only opposition.” For his part, in a lengthy speech, pre-candidate Gustavo Pedro called on Congress to “consider voting” to secure a majority, and then won the presidency in the first round. “Do not go to the polls to vote for Pedro for the presidency, but to vote for a politician in Congress, because it will thwart Pedro’s reforms and overthrow the president,” he said. He reiterated that he would go to the polls to guarantee a majority in Congress and thereby change the laws because, as he put it, “a people has never been so close to victory.” Similarly, he referred to the role of the youth in “resisting the direct onslaught of a state that does not want to negotiate and the direct onslaught of a state that backs away from its needs,” citing the social upheaval of April 2021. A tax reform and mismanagement of government in health and education. Pedro promised that he wanted to be president to “change history” and that the laws were not in favor of workers, students and the poor in general. Campaign Closing This Sunday, the public presentations of the political parties will be closed for the March 13 Assembly elections, and there will be internal consultation within the parties to select candidates for the first round of the March 29 presidential election. May. The balance seems to be in favor of a historic agreement with a coalition of left-wing and indigenous parties, some factions of the Greens and independent organizations, who have already run in the second round against President Ivan Duke and he will advance to his first round. Campaigning in Barranquilla this Sunday. A study by Invamer this Friday revealed that Pedro will be leading in the polls and will win both the first and second rounds, where he will receive 44.6% of the vote against central candidate Sergio Fazardo. For the most part, the historic agreement seeks to remain the ruling party, capturing just nine seats in the Senate and the current twelve seats. They will try it with closed and zippered lists, where male and female candidates will alternately achieve equality, as well as representation of Aphrodite, disabled, tribal and all ages and sectors. In this way, there are candidates like Aida Avella, the leader of the historic Patriotic Union, which was formed in 1985 as part of a peace agreement sought between then-President Belizeru Bottangur and the FARC. However, in the years that followed, the party was the victim of a genocide that killed more than 4,000 members, including presidential candidates Jaime Bardo Leal (1987) and Bernardo Gerarmillo Osa (1990). Former senators Pedro C கோrdoba and Luce Marina Bernal, one of the so-called “mothers of Socha” who lost their children to illegal executions by the military during the government of Alvaro Europe (2002-2010). . The Colombians will go to the polls in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives on March 13 to choose the 16 seats that will be the victims of the armed conflict, and on that day the consultations of the parliamentary candidates will take place. Three alliances. The first round of presidential elections will be held on May 29 and the second round on June 19, if necessary.