May 21, 2024

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TikToker took an expensive bag and tried to destroy it – the strange reason

TikToker took an expensive bag and tried to destroy it – the strange reason

TikToker Victoria Paris posted a video on TikTok on April 1 in which she opens up a shiny Gucci bag.

On April 30, she shared a video in which she is seen hitting the same designer bag down the stairs. “Olsen twin Jane Birkining” was written in the video meaning she intentionally caused wear and tear on the bag to make it look fashionably worn and worn. The video has now been deleted, but some people were able to play it.

It is noteworthy that it is unclear whether Paris purchased or received the Jackie 1961 large shoulder bag, which retails for $4,980, as a gift. But of course, there were many who resented the move.

Some wondered why she didn’t let the passage of time take its toll on the bag, while others criticized her for spending a large amount of money on an item only to ruin it.

Why did a TikToker try to destroy an expensive bag?

Business Insider tried to explain what the TikToker was trying to do with the occasion and her comment in the video she deleted by referring to the Olsen twins’ relationship with Jane Birkin.

As for the late actress and singer, the magazine mentions that she inspired Jean-Louis Dumas to design a bag bearing her name for Hermes in the early 1980s. It instantly became an expensive accessory and one of the most popular fashion icons on the market, with a popularity that continues to this day. Birkin was also a huge fan of the bag that inspired her and regularly accessorized with keychains, stickers and other quirky pieces.

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Now fashionistas on TikTok have started doing the same with their own handbags, dubbing the accessory trend the “Jane Birkin effect.” For example, Paris added some key chains to her Gucci bag before destroying it.

As for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, TikTokers recently noticed that the Hermes bags carried by the famous twins are not new at all. In fact, photos from 2009 show their bags riddled with scratches and frayed edges. As some say, Olsen prefers his bags to look used rather than new.

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