July 14, 2024

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Today’s Wordle answers: Players are confused because they share different results

Today’s Wordle answers: Players are confused because they share different results

Wordle users have taken to social media to express their frustration about getting “two different answers” for Tuesday’s match.

It comes less than a week after the daily word game moved to New York times (The New York Times) platform after publisher bought it from creator Josh Wardle for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

However, for Wordle 241, players realized that there are two possible answers.

“Same day, different Wordle. Does anyone have a different Wordle on the day too?” asked one user.

Another said, “Ah!! My partner and I got two different correct words for #Wordle today. What’s going on?”

One user lamented that it got the ‘harder’ of the two words (*spoiler alert*) agora and aroma.

“Waittt😭 There are two different answers for Wordle today and I got a harder answer ????? They said what ap*** you take”.

A user by the name of Susan felt Wordle had cheated her “big time”. She tweeted: “Actually I have a different word than everyone else. What is agora. That was not a single word but my language.”

It’s causing family rifts, one user said: “Absolute chaos in group chats this morning when we found out we had two different words – Wordle is really causing family arguments today.”

Another user said that the fact that people get different Wordles means that The New York Times “I managed to destroy the only good thing in our lives.”

Author Nicole Hayes wrote: “What happens to the word?

“It has been my unique and consistent joy over the past weeks, suddenly different words appearing on the same day and the unspoken inclusion of words formerly known by proper names. What is this madness? I give our words back.”

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One user explained why there are two words. Users who have not migrated to The New York Times The website for Wordle and still on Powerlanguage will have a different answer than the one on The New York Times website.

The confusion comes a day after Wordle users appeared Complains that the game is ‘getting more difficult’ Since he moved to The New York Times website.

The way the game works is that users get six attempts to guess a daily five-letter word, and the word must be one for everyone. Unless you’re trying Wordle today, that is.