March 4, 2024

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Tourists ‘queuing’ in Mykonos waiting for taxis (VIDEO)

Tourists ‘queuing’ in Mykonos waiting for taxis (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, the change in the legislation on hiring a chauffeured car leaves tourists at the mercy of a few professional vehicles that seem to be absent.

maybe The first two weeks of May Not to be so-and-so Good period to rental companies But also for Car rental with a known driver in many The famous Cyclades islands But since last week they have arrived Literally hordes of tourists who are looking for some means of transportation To transfer to their hotel or do some sightseeing on the island.

but Because of the change in legislation the Vehicle rental with driver they can Tourist service Only if they plan to do some Advance reservation at least two hours in advance from their arrival at a popular tourist destination.

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Where it is easy to understand the specific change in the legislation in Car rental with driver Unfortunately it excludes an entire industry Direct service for tourists Than if they didn’t plan to close some hours Before they arrive, a chauffeured truck Unfortunately they will have to wait patiently Taxi yard queue Even if s Mercury On the thermometer it beats them 40 degrees Celsius.

the Video posted exclusively by Confirms the reservations expressed Tourist offices but also Car rental companies with driver as you see Dozens of tourists They were waiting in Tail for this reason. A taxi will come and be able to go to the hotel where they will be staying.

The specified incident was logged in Mykonos on May 21day Parliamentary elections In Greece, but as you can see in Taxi rank There is absolutely none of the 35 vehicles working on the island while also tourists They cannot call a car with a driver Even if they do it right now, they drop off at the port with the driver The truck will show up to pick them up in two hours!

Let us mention that legislation bans Car rental with driver To wait for the tourists in some taxi stand It is not permitted to approach a rental car with a driver unless the driver has brought it a contract With the reservation he made Some tourists two hours ago. Otherwise, the legislation pridect severe financial penalties

If this image is recorded in video It literally happens at its inception tourist season He is It’s easy to see what will happen the next three months “pelvis” from tourists Not only Mykonos but also paros, the santorini, the Milos, the The kind And many other island or non-touristy destinations with Less taxis But also Car rental with driver

“look here his exclusive video

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