July 14, 2024

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Try Ultra 1.0 today

Try Ultra 1.0 today

Google is already taking us into the new era… Gemini's AI will be available as a free app and as a subscription service with more features.

In her remarks, Sisi Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager of Gemini Experiences (formerly Bard) and Google Assistant, said, among other things: We fired coolPeople all over the world have used it to work with AI in a whole new way – preparing for job interviews, They fix the codeTo develop new business ideas or as we announced last week They make great photoss.

Our mission with Bard from the beginning has been to give you direct access to our AI models and twin He represents our most capable model family. To highlight this fact, cold It will now be known as twin.

With the form forefront 1.0 You can actually chat with him twin In more than 40 languages ​​and in more than 230 countries and geographic regions. Now, we offer two new experiences – twin advanced And a mobile app (not yet available in Europe) – to help you easily work with the best Amnesty International Ha Google».

Get access to the most capable model Amnesty International With the twin advanced

As Google says, “Today we're introducing Gemini Advanced — a new experience that gives you access to Ultra 1.0, our largest, most capable model of advanced AI. In 'blind' evaluations conducted by our independent evaluators, Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 was rated as The most preferred chatbot as compared to other best alternatives.

With the Ultra 1.0, Gemini Advanced is even more capable of performing highly complex tasks such as programming, deductive reasoning, following specialized instructions, and collaborating on creative projects. Not only does Gemini Advanced allow you to have longer, more detailed conversations, but it also allows you to better understand the larger context through your earlier questions. For example:

  • Gemini Advanced can become your personal tutor – creating step-by-step instructions, sample tests, or discussion circles that suit your learning style.
  • It can help you with more advanced programming scenarios, serving as a brainstorming tool and helping you evaluate different programming approaches.
  • It can help digital creators move from concept to execution by creating new content, analyzing recent trends, and devising improved ways to grow their audience.

This first release of Gemini Advanced reflects our recent progress in AI inference and will continue to improve. As we add new and exclusive features, Gemini Advanced users will have access to expanded polymorphic capabilities, more and more interactive coding features, deeper data analysis capabilities, and more. Gemini Advanced is available today in over 150 countries and geographic regionsin English, and over time we will develop it in more languages.

Gemini Advanced is available as part of the new release Google One AI Premium Plan Costs €22.99 per month, starting with one Two-month trial At no cost. This plan gives you the best Google AI features and our latest innovations, plus all the benefits of your current plan Google One Premium, such as 2 TB of storage space. Additionally, AI Premium (formerly Duet AI) subscribers will soon be able to use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more.

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We continue to take a bold and responsible approach to bringing this technology to the world. To mitigate issues such as unsafe content or content distortions, we have built security systems into our products according to Our principles for artificial intelligence. Before he acted twin advancedWe have conducted extensive security audits and testing, including by our external “red team” (red a team). We improved the base model using fine-tuning and reinforcement learning, based on human feedback. You can find more details in the update Gemini technical report“, the ad concludes.