July 22, 2024

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Tsakiris: “Almeida’s plan is brave” – Football – Europa League

Tsakiris: “Almeida’s plan is brave” – Football – Europa League

In his philosophy Matias Almeida Who does not change his philosophy, regardless of absences or the opponent’s ability to concentrate George Tsakiris Commenting on Boyne Sport FM 94.6 the Big win for AEK in Brighton.

It was a historic duo, and most importantly, it did not happen by chance. He came up with the plan that Almeida had in his head, despite the errors that occurred before the match and those that occurred during the match with the two penalty kicks. AEK received an excellent score for executing the plan, which was very courageous. The team has not learned to play defensively and does not adapt to the opponent, they always want to play their own football. The coach had shown his mood through his statements the day before yesterday, but we did not expect something like this either. The circumstances in which the dual occurred give greater value to the victoryHe emphasized that.

At the same time, he focused on the presence of Levi Garcia. “We also understood in England how important he was to AEK. His finishes may not have been good, but whenever the ball came to him, he troubled opposition defenses with the way he moved and broke the ball. In the first half, AEK was better than the opponent. After Hadjisavi’s injury, it was difficult, but there they were lucky with Pons’ goal.“, Write.

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