February 22, 2024

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Tsini Zivryuti, Evelina Papantonio and Dimitra Egeniti on a joint outing – see what the models of the 90s look like today

Tsini Zivryuti, Evelina Papantonio and Dimitra Egeniti on a joint outing – see what the models of the 90s look like today

A wonderful theatrical evening took place in the center of Kolonaki with the show “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

The renewed “Embassy Theater” opened its doors with a magical show for the whole family, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and received a crowd of distinguished guests from the worlds of art, journalism and business, who rushed to come and watch the high-level production. Rich scenic aesthetics, live orchestra, dramatic lighting and impressive costumes.

The international musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, performed and directed by Giorgos Valaris, based on the novel by Roald Dahl, is one of the most popular works of children's literature, with two very successful film adaptations, including one in 1971 with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Starring Gene Wilder and the 2005 one with Johnny Depp, it was revived for the first time in Greece, with a cast of talented collaborators, as well as an exceptional 30-member ensemble with Alexandros Bourdomis in the role of “Willy Wonka.” And the young Spyros Dogia in the role of “Charlie” and Petros Chikoukis in the role of “Grandpa Joe.”

The NDP camera caught, among others, famous models of the 1990s, Evelina Papantonio, Tzini Tzifriotis and Dimitra Egeniti. The truth is that we have a long time to see them in public, and below you can see how they are today.

Evelina Papantonio

Evelina Papantonio has a very successful modeling career in our country. The former model emerged with her beauty in 2001 by winning the title of Star Hella and even obtaining the title of Miss Universe. She managed to become an alternative Miss Universe and excelled for several years in the fashion field. Today she is a happy mother and has long since created her own jewelry line, anileve (an anagram of her name).

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Photo: NDP Photo Agency

Demetra egienitis

Dimitra Egeniti was crowned the most beautiful woman in Greece in 1998 after winning the Star Hellas title. She worked as a model since she was a teenager and decided to stop when she was 23 years old. In 2010, she married Antonis Schroeter after many years of relationship, but the couple decided to separate only four months after their wedding in Santorini. After modeling, she worked for many years in journalism, television and radio. She then decided to focus on social anthropology and psychology as her studies were in these fields. She holds a degree in Social Anthropology from Panthéon University and is a finalist in the Department of Psychology at Strasbourg State University.

Photo: NDP Photo Agency

Jenny Zivriotti

Jenny Tzifirioti was born and raised in Sparta. He moved to Athens at the age of eighteen and studied industrial management and technology at the University of Piraeus. She began modeling when she was a student and was crowned Miss World Tourism in 2001.

“After a baptism of fire and fashion shows, I participated in the Miss ANT1 pageant, and although I did not win the first title, the then organizer Giorgos Previlakis chose me to participate in the Miss World Tourism World competition, where I won the first title. He saw something in me and it wasn’t Wrong, after all! Therefore, this success opened important professional doors and collaborations with top fashion designers. It was the strongest moment of my career. It was a youthful decision to define my path in this field and offer me, apart from money, popularity, emotions and magical moments. I was In the same generation of models as the “Morning Coffee” girls and Dimitra Egeniti, who I noticed in espresso.

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Photo: NDP Photo Agency

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