June 19, 2024

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Türkiye: A fan’s chest slit in a volleyball match – the state channel’s “apology” to viewers

Türkiye: A fan’s chest slit in a volleyball match – the state channel’s “apology” to viewers

The Turkish national volleyball team’s win over the USA was overshadowed by wild fan celebrations, prompting Turkish broadcaster TRT Spor to “apologize” to its viewers.

The reason is that at the moment it was announced that the Turkish women’s volleyball team had won the grand prize with a score of 3-2, the camera turned towards the audience to a young Turkala with a revealing cleavage.

During the celebrations, the stunning woman’s chest was revealed and the footage was broadcast live across the country.

Watch the video:

These footage sparked strong reactions, even on social media, forcing TRT Spor to issue a statement.

The channel notes in its announcement, among other things, that “the direction and cameras were handled by the American channel that broadcast the match.” All images broadcast by TRT Spor were direct transmissions from the American channel without the possibility of interference. Therefore, these images, which completely contradict our policy, come from the American channel.”

Channel announcement:

After the pictures appeared on the screen, some users found the woman’s social media account and sent offensive comments to her. After this situation, the young woman was forced to close her Instagram account.

For his part, Erturul Ozkyuk, columnist and former director of Oriyet newspaper, said: “I am sorry, we are ashamed of your apology. ‘I think this ridiculous apology you posted would write your name somewhere great in the history of global broadcasting… If only we could find out why you did it, and who ordered it?’

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