May 18, 2024

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Türkiye: Erdogan stole the show in town – “Kilijdaroglu a drunkard”

Türkiye: Erdogan stole the show in town – “Kilijdaroglu a drunkard”

“If Istanbul says yes, it’s over! If Istanbul says, ‘Someone has to go,’ then it’s all over.”

The deification of Recep Tayyip Erdogan witnessed by 1.7 million people in Istanbul confirms opinion polls that speak of a race that will decide the issue.

The Turkish president can breathe a sigh of relief in the face of the marginal advance that is usually given to Kemal Kilicdaroglu if the above figure continues, which is much higher than his opponent’s, which was recorded in the past day.

“If Istanbul says yes, then it is over! If Constantinople says: “Some people leave,” it means that everything is over. If Istanbul says: “We will withdraw someone,” then everything will be over, ”said the Turkish president characteristically, as he He speaks to the obsessed crowd.

“We have protected the legacy of Al-Fateh by returning the Hagia Sophia to a mosque,” he added, before aiming his arrows at the opposition candidate consisting of six parties.

Kilicdaroglu is a drunkard.

“He is supported by the drunks who drank beer in the mosques during the 2013 Gezi Park protests,” said an angry Erdogan.

“Master Kamal, drink as much as you want from the barrels, nothing can save you. My nation leaves no room for drinkers and drunkards.

Even the opposition Western media that have “discredited” him in recent days, The Economist, The Washington Post and Der Spiegel, said the following:

Western media is on fire

“You know those European newspapers and magazines, they are watching here now. They are wondering what is happening at Istanbul Airport. Here you will give the answer. Give such a voice to those who make grim calculations for this blessed state, which will be the harbinger of the result that will come from the ballot box on the 14th.” May.

In other news from the same rally, Erdogan, who is looking much better after his latest health setback, pledged to boost Turkey’s economy, defense industry and energy resources.

According to analysts, the country’s poor economic situation will have an impact on the ballot box’s judgment, but again no one can bet on its outcome.

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