June 26, 2024

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Twitter apotheosis of Maria Cavogianni

Twitter apotheosis of Maria Cavogianni

Tonight, the second season of the series “Artist, band leader“, from the MEGA series and the first episode stole the impressions of the TV audience.

The second season consists of 6 episodesWhile the Maestro series concludes with its third season, consisting of 4 episodes. It is expected to be broadcast in fall 2024 also by MEGA and Netflix.

Maestro 2: What we saw in the first episode titled “Mother”

the Assassination of Charalambous It upset the entire island and of course those who were involved in it. the Sofia She learns that her son was the one who killed Charalambous and tries to find a solution and stand by her child.

the Alexandra For her part, she tries to manage what happened on the island, but mainly the arrival of a child with a man who does not want her.

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the Clelia She is trying to recover from Orestes’ sudden flight and the feeling of abandonment she experienced. At the same time, she is unable to understand what happened and why her brother is behaving this way.

the The relationship between Antonis and Spyros would soon dissolve Under the pressure of the intense event they experienced. Michaelis, the only witness to the murder, denies Sofia any support for Vanes.

In Corfu, Police Director Demosthenes Kovas retires and searches for one last case…

From the first minutes of the first episode, the viewers’ enthusiasm was clear. With the hashtag #maestro that will be at the top of Greek Twitter very soon.

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Although all the heroes of the series were loved by users,… Maria Cavoianni Her television comeback attracted everyone’s attention and highlighted the actress’s acting talent.

Maestro 2: The Twitter apotheosis of Maria Cavogianni