April 19, 2024

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unbelievable! Greece's first AI model…its roots are in Crete

unbelievable!  Greece's first AI model…its roots are in Crete

In the wonderful world of AI, Aiko Pappas stands out, as its creators say, “as the first AI model in Greece, rooted in the serene beauty of Crete.”

As described in the relevant ad:

“Its creation is a pioneering effort that unites digital and human creativity in an exciting combination.

Born and raised on the island of Crete, Aiko Pappas is a real example of how Greek culture and the beauty of the landscape can inspire the creation of digital characters. Crete, with its unique traditions and atmosphere, is the core of its identity.

Aiko Pappas loves fashion and proves it in every look. Through its uniquely combined approach to its digital portfolio, it creates a character that combines technology and elegance.

Aside from fashion, Aiko Pappas is committed to fitness. With regular updates on exercise, healthy eating and wellness, she shares the spirit of healthy living with her followers.

Starting in Crete, Eco Pappas embarks on journeys through technology. Her digital face accompanies her fans to unique destinations, giving a new dimension to the travel experience.”

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