June 23, 2024

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Underworld – step

Underworld – step

Why do we hide behind our finger? The crisis of the past decade may be over. Maybe we're back to some form of normalcy.

But it brought and brought the underworld to the forefront of public life.

Underworld left and right.

Who learned to settle his differences with punches, slaps, slaps, attacks, quarrels, and group behavior. Pistols just haven't been released yet – though…

So the convictions are good. But it is not an incident, nor an episode. It's a phenomenon.

And I will say something worse.

There is no path to full return or restoration. The country itself has become worse and the underworld is alive because of it.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives admitted that the boxer representative was subjected to a light disciplinary penalty because the House regulations did not stipulate anything more severe. When they did so, people reasonably believed they were dealing with parliamentarians rather than savages.

Look at the upcoming European elections how many “orphans” in 2012 and 2015 are demanding our votes, right and left. How many people survive in their gross toxicity, even if they are no longer the prevailing phenomenon.

So they lost. And well they lost. But they are still out there demanding meaning with scandalous and violent behavior.

When they are not using verbal violence and slapping, they are using online verbal violence or vulgar verbal attacks. They resort to provocation, insinuation and insult.

“they!” Koutsoubas would say.

But this happens because the vast majority of Greeks tolerate them, recognize their rights, and allow unprecedented behavior, even when they get away with it.

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This kasidiaris has been in and out of prisons and politics for nearly ten years because he always has some clients to show off to.

Because extremism is never a temporary phenomenon. It's not a seizure or the flu.

It is cultivated and practiced under the tolerance of the peaceful people who make up the democratic state and under the guise of the right to extremism.

Which is taken almost as an assumption of democracy. So it is not. We have a duty to shout it out and prevent it as long as extremism becomes common every day.

In the final analysis, we listen to all those who express them, debate them, take them seriously, put them in our homes, and perhaps even vote for them.

It is an underworld with shepherds. We are her sponsors.

If the underworld survives, the responsibility of the shepherds is great.