May 22, 2024

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Unrest in Türkiye – Rumors circulate of an attempted coup against the government

Unrest in Türkiye – Rumors circulate of an attempted coup against the government

Turmoil in its political scene turkey In the past 24 hours, information indicating the existence of a conspiracy or even a coup attempt against the government coalition supporting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the participation of mafia members and police officials, was thwarted.

As ERT broadcasts, the case concerns information allegedly revealed by a fugitive to a foreign mafia gang member, Serdar Sircelik, No. 2 in the group of mafia boss Ayhan Bora Kaplan, who was arrested, on October 7, 2023, at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport. In his attempt to escape abroad.

The secret of filing a fugitive case

In his revelations to the opposition newspaper Sozcu, Cercelik stated that while he was in Cyprus and wanted in Turkey, he was summoned to Ankara, not to be arrested, but to make a statement, and was promised that he would then be arrested. Released.

According to him, he presented himself to the ranks of the Turkish police in occupied Cyprus, and from there he was sent by air to Ankara, where officers of the Anti-Organized Crime Directorate of the police were waiting for him. In Ankara, he says, he was asked to become a protected witness under the threat that if he did not accept he would face life imprisonment.

According to his statement, Cercelik first signed a 19-page statement and then two more, and was released on restrictive conditions and a “bracelet,” but he was allegedly moving freely in the Turkish capital and in the second year fled abroad.

In his confession, Cercelik allegedly testified against government officials, according to Turkish press reports. But police sources denied, according to Sozcu, that Sirselik had implicated the names of former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Justice Bekir Boztag, as well as the director of the Special Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Hasan Dogan.

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Officers, “Erdogan excommunicates them.”

According to ERT information, in light of the uproar caused by this information and after the relative report of the inspector appointed to investigate the case, yesterday, Tuesday, by decision of Interior Minister Ali Çerlikaya, the Deputy Police Director of Ankara, the Head of the Organized Crime Directorate and the Deputy Director of the same agency. The prosecution learned today that three police directors and a police officer were arrested, pending investigations related to it, without naming them.