June 21, 2024

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Upcoming smartphones whose battery lasts for a month!

Upcoming smartphones whose battery lasts for a month!

There are countless times when you are out and about and see that your cell phone battery is draining incredibly quickly. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your smartphone battery ends up draining to the point where you can’t access an outlet, it’s missing a charger, or there’s no power bank nearby.

Those are the moments when you remember the good old days… the feature phones and the ‘immortal’ Nokia devices whose batteries lasted for two weeks and you didn’t visit the outlet so much as the toilet. But you would have thought at some point when your cell phone’s battery died what it would be like to continue working like regular phones, or even better If they can last a month without charging.

It is precisely this technology that scientists from the University of Cambridge are working on, who are collaborating with Vaire to build a chip that will revolutionize smartphones. Vaire, the university’s startup, is being funded by the UK government as one of the country’s 12 most promising semiconductor startups, in the hope of putting it on the global chip industry map.

British Technology Minister Paul Scully described semiconductors as the “foundation” of the modern world, saying they are also vital.

The Vaire microchip will be able to significantly improve the battery life of the smartphone, where it will be mainly needed Zero energy for work. Thus, no current from the battery will be needed to power the processor, they hope One day we’ll have phones that last a month without needing another charge.

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In its official announcement British government For this revolutionary powerless chip, no additional information has been provided about how it works or about its technology in general. Sean Redmon, Managing Director of SiliconCatalstUK and lead on the project, said:

If they can live up to this outrageous claim, it means you’ll have a mobile phone that will last a month, not a day.

“No other company on the planet has been able to make such a semiconductor chip a reality, and if anyone can, it’s this team from Great Britain.He also said in his remarks.

In recent years, many companies in the world have tried to solve this puzzle in various ways, but they are still many years away from implementation, let alone reaching the hands of consumers.

The same applies to the Cambridge scientists’ ambitious chip, which we don’t know when it will be completed so that we have mobile phones that we will charge… every first of the month.

Batteries and the limitations on their lifespan are one of the biggest mysteries that engineers and programmers will have to solve in the coming years, as we have electric devices and cars that don’t require charging every three times or so.

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