May 21, 2024

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USA: A rare solar storm is heading towards Earth

USA: A rare solar storm is heading towards Earth

a Solar storm Of rare density directed towards Land US authorities warned that it could cause problems tonight for power grids and satellites, as well as the appearance of stunning northern lights.

“We are almost certain that charged solar particles emitted from the sun’s corona are heading toward Earth,” said Sean Dahl, of NASA’s Space Research Center. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).

The center issued a Category 4 magnetic storm warning (on a five-point scale), which has not happened since 2005.

It is difficult to predict the exact beginning of the phenomenon, but it will continue throughout the weekend.

“It could affect infrastructure,” Dahl said, explaining that this phenomenon is “very rare.” “We have informed all the service providers we work with, those who operate satellites, communications and of course the North American power grid,” he added.

the sun It is currently approaching peak activity based on an 11-year cycle. These coronal mass ejections, at least seven of which are heading toward Earth, originate from a sunspot about 16 times Earth’s diameter. They move at a speed of several hundred kilometers per second. When they arrive American satellites Sean Dahl explained that it will be possible to more accurately predict the intensity of the phenomenon, that is, about 20-45 minutes before it reaches Earth.

Dahl advised Americans to stock up on batteries or even generators, as they do in all storms.

the Electricity providers Rob Steinberg, a scientist who works at SWPC, said they have been working to better protect their networks for a decade. Power lines, not homes, can be affected, and today there are systems in place to avoid them. The GPS network may also be affected.

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As for her trafficThe Federal Aviation Administration does not anticipate any serious problems.

The authority noted the possibility of some aurora borealis appearing in the sky, even in areas where this phenomenon is not widespread, and advised residents to take pictures. “If you are in a dark, cloud-free area with minimal light pollution, you will be able to see the impressive aurora borealis,” Steinberg said. “And that is the gift of space meteorology.”