June 19, 2024

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USA: Stormy Daniels attacks Donald Trump and demands his sentence

USA: Stormy Daniels attacks Donald Trump and demands his sentence

Stormy Daniels has called for Donald Trump to be imprisoned after he was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

The porn star, who received $130,000 in “legal fees” for her silence about her relationship with the former US president, warned that the presidential candidate is “completely out of touch with reality.”

What penalties did he request?

Daniels, 45, told the Sunday Mirror: “I think he should be sentenced to prison and do community service for those less fortunate, or be a volunteer at a women’s refuge.”

Daniels said she was “shocked” but was acquitted after a New York court jury convicted Trump, which she said showed they believed her testimony.

But she said she could not avoid the death threats from Trump supporters she has faced since speaking out about the payment from Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen, which was allegedly made to ensure she would remain silent in the days before the 2016 US election about the alleged accusations. She had sex with a businessman at a celebrity golf tournament 10 years ago.

“It will never end for me”

“It was very scary being in court with the jury looking at you, but I’m glad the things they wanted to bring up in court came out and proved, like I said, that I was telling the truth all along.

“It’s not over for me. It will never be over for me. Trump may be guilty, but I have to live with the legacy.”

When will his punishment be announced?

The ruling against Trump came after jurors deliberated for less than 12 hours in the unprecedented first criminal trial of a US president, current or former.

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It represents a dangerous political moment for Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee whose approval ratings have remained steady throughout the trial but could collapse at any moment.

A 12-member New York jury convicted Trump of falsifying business records, making it a crime for anyone to make or cause to be false entries in records with the intent to commit a second offense. His sentence will be announced on July 11 at 10 a.m. Greek time.