February 20, 2024

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Vangelis Marinakis will not go to Ario Pago

Vangelis Marinakis will not go to Ario Pago

According to In.gr, the Olympiacos strongman considers the intervention of the Supreme Court to be late and that is why he will not go personally.

The intention of Vangelis Marinakis not to go to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court to inform them of the complaints he made about the mafia in Greek football, was announced by the website of the interests of the Olympiacos strongman. in.gr.

This is, as he stated in a related post, because the Supreme Court’s intervention “came with significant delay”, as he explains: “Olympiacos has been systematically and documentedly complaining about the very problematic situation in Greek football for at least four years now.” “For this reason, Vangelis Marinakis himself will not come,” he explained.

“Certainly, at the same time, Olympiacos has been making it clear in all directions that for four years now it has been insisting on the need for a full criminal investigation into the situation in Greek football as a necessary part of any effort to clean it up.” Publication notes.

The reason behind all this is yesterday’s anomalies in Volos and the surprise announcement that followed by Vangelis Marinakis that Greek football is run by a “criminal organization” that operates “mafia-style and whose sole goal is to annihilate Olympiacos.”

In fact, in his announcement, apart from placing all the blame on the EPO and KED, but also on the government (and especially on EL.AS. and the Ministry of Citizen Protection), he even takes shots at the judicial authorities. Who “don’t quite care” what’s going on.

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Subsequently, the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Georgia Adelini, invited him to go tomorrow, Tuesday, December 5, to the Supreme Court to inform her and the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who supervises the work of the responsible prosecutors. For Sports, Mr. Georgios Oikonomou.