July 14, 2024

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Venezuela strengthens military presence in Apure State

Venezuela strengthens military presence in Apure State

Domingo Hernandez, FANB’s strategic operations commander, said on his social networking site Twitter that eight sniper companies would be sent to the southwest border as part of the Bolivarian Shield 2022 exercise.

These troops will search, detect and crack down on the criminal activities of Dongol groups (Colombian drug trafficking armed terrorists) entering the Venezuelan border through the neighboring country.

“The FANB is carrying out operations to neutralize and neutralize secret and illegal camps located across the border by Colombian terrorist groups occupying our territory, filling them with explosives and abusing our people,” Hernandez stressed on the communications site.

In this sense, the top military leader noted that war suppliers had defused and detonated thousands of explosives buried by these disorderly groups on roads and sidewalks in order to cover the infiltration routes from Colombia.

He denounced the armed groups for taking advantage of the goodwill and humility of border residents, occupying their property under threat of destruction and death, and filling the roads with explosives to keep them from leaving a trail. .

According to the Commander of Strategic Operations, the FANB has stationed more than 10,000 troops in Apure, in addition to armored troops, artillery and air traffic, several teams of the Bolivarian National Army have recently joined.

At a recent press conference, Defense Minister Vladimir Badrino took up the Bolivarian Shield 2022 exercise, which has so far cracked down on nine abuses, with at least 56 people captured and detained. Ministry of Public Works.

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During the defensive maneuver, members of the armed forces occupied 16 camps set up by tonkol groups, where vehicles, explosives, three aircraft, communications equipment, heavy machinery, weapons and ammunition of various caliber were seized.

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