June 25, 2024

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Vezenkov with the number 7 on the shirt: “My future in the Kings is bright”! (video)

Vezenkov with the number 7 on the shirt: “My future in the Kings is bright”!  (video)

Sasha Vezenkov was officially tendered by the Sacramento Kings and made available to the press, where he spoke about his decision to make the trip across the Atlantic and try his hand at the NBA.

After a terrible year with Olympic On the individual level, coupled with winning three titles, S Sasha Vezenkov I decided to leave the EuroLeague to experience the American dream and compete in NBA.

The Bulgarian striker is now under contract for the next three years Sacramento And he is on the rise, as he returned to the NBA playoffs last season after 17 years. Vezenkov was introduced by the Kings, where he donned the No. 7 jersey and then answered questions from reporters.

In his initial position, his former attacker Olympiaco He said: “It’s very important to me and I’m excited to be here. I’ve made a big decision about my career and I’m really glad I did it for that.” Sacramento. I thank their organization Kings Because they came last season for Europe To see me up close, they showed me how much they wanted me here. I don’t like to talk much. I want to show what I can do on the field. Everyone saw what he did last year Sacramento I want to help with my experience. “I will do everything the coach asks of me so that this team can continue to win and improve.”

As for their trips Kings He said: “I did not expect them to come to Europe to see me in person last season… almost everyone is in Greece, but this showed me that they want me very much.” He was pivotal in my decision. All members of the organization Kings They showed me love and respect. Happy about that. I like to win. This is exactly why I play basketball. To enjoy the game and win. the Kings They were a great team last year, played great basketball and most of all, they were winning. “I didn’t watch all the matches, but the Kings’ mentality helped me make my decision.”

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When he realized his future was with the royal family, he said: “When I had to make the decision, I wrote down the pros and cons. As I do every time. So I realized that the future here was bright for me. As the discussions progressed, I realized that this place was right for me. I made an important decision. My family, friends and girlfriend support me and this makes things easier. Everyone here helps me. I feel at home, even though I am in it Sacramento Only a few days. I have a new family that helps me a lot. I’m focused on training camp, and I want to prove that I can play with the players I saw on TV. “I’m here to seize the opportunity.”

As for what he liked from last year KingsHe said: “The coach’s resume and what he did during the year is amazing. I’m lucky to play with these guys. “I want to help the Kings win games.”

“The NBA was a dream for me.”

the Vezenkov Asked about the difference between the NBA and Europe: “The game is completely different. I understand that. The coaching staff and my teammates are helping me adapt to this… new game. Anyway, we are talking about basketball. In the NBA There’s more athleticism but I can “stick” to this team and that’s why I’m here. To fight every day, to work hard every day… to adapt physically and mentally. I am ready”.

On whether he spoke to anyone before making his decision: “I got the opinion of my former teammates (ssin Olympic) But in the end, the decision was mine. I talked to my family. the NBA It was a dream for me. I feel like this team and this environment is the perfect opportunity for me to leave everything behind to come here and start from scratch and fight. Every beginning is difficult. But with time, I will feel better.”

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At the same time, he mentioned the best thing he got from his father, Sasso: “My father gives me a lot of advice, but the advice I keep throughout my career is to be the same person every day. The same thing when I started basketball when I was young. I think I have succeeded in all stages of my career. I am myself, and I respect everyone. …And that’s why I’m here today.”

In conclusion, he was asked about the issue that has emerged in recent days, regarding whether the NBA champions should be called world champions: “Everyone has an opinion on this issue. Let’s be real. If the NBA champion plays its champion EuroLeagueWhat will be the result? So it’s obvious…basketball’s on NBA it is different. The EuroLeague is definitely tough, many players play there while the last best players in the NBA are Europeans.