November 30, 2023

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Video: A luxury McLaren car worth 220,000 euros… catches fire in two minutes of the first race in England

Video: A luxury McLaren car worth 220,000 euros… catches fire in two minutes of the first race in England

The amazing moment McLaren’s €220,000 (£190,000) hybrid luxury car, the Artura, caught fire yesterday in Leeds, England, and photos spread online.

But even more remarkable than its price is that it completely caught fire without warning during its first race, as part of its display!

The driver enjoyed his ride for more than two minutes after the car broke down about a mile from the dealership he borrowed it from.

How… 220 thousand euros were wasted

While the driver was crossing the main road in Leeds, Yorkshire in the “precious” and majestic Artura, the engine caught fire.

Fortunately for the passengers, passing citizens, who couldn’t help but notice the “aristocratic” sports car making figures on the road, intervened in time and freed the driver and passenger alive. Seconds later, an explosion was heard in the car’s engine and it caught fire. As it turns out, the passengers were saved by just a hair!

“Artura” burned to the ground

The fire brigade was called to the scene and tried to control the fire for a full 30 minutes. The accident occurred around 14:30 on Sunday (15/10).

A special hazardous materials management team was also sent to the scene, in order to safely remove the electric battery.

What remains of the supercar

McLaren Arturas have been recalled from the United States

The Artura is the first electric car from the famous British company McLaren, but this particular model was recalled as early as 2022 in the United States due to the risk of causing a fire. In contrast, the defective model is still sold in England.

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The reason for his withdrawal was specifically to prevent the recording of events similar to what happened yesterday in Leeds. A total of 164 Arturas were recalled last December in the United States, where they were classified as “hazardous” by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).