June 21, 2024

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Video-documentary of knife attack

Video-documentary of knife attack

Video documentation of the bloody brawl in front of the Athens Court of Appeal was released by ANT1 on Wednesday morning.

Just after 11:00 on Lucarios Street outside the Court of Appeal, a group of masked men spotted a 24-year-old man walking into court as an accused and began punching and kicking him. Seconds later, one of them took out a knife and stabbed him in the thigh.

“A river of blood, we tried to stop it,” said one eyewitness.

A police cell with MAT squad is located just 15 meters away from the attack site. Police use stun grenades and chemicals to remove youths. “They saw the team and stopped,” said a journalist and eyewitness to the attack, while a parking lot owner said “they put on masks and ran away.”

Police officers who arrived at the scene found a suspicious vehicle with four men in it, and after a search found bats and rods inside the car, they took the men, ages 19 to 36, to Attica Police Headquarters, where they were arrested shortly after.

The president of the Athens Bar Association said: “It is unthinkable that human lives are at risk in the heart of the city, near the Supreme Court and GADA. We must not mourn the victims again, so that the tragedies we live through in the last days will be repeated.

A hearing into the 2019 fan incident at Ilion was scheduled to take place in the Court of Appeal today, but police aware of the case believe it was a premeditated incident involving fan violence, which was eventually adjourned.

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