April 24, 2024

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WARNING: There are new cheats exploiting Helldivers 2 and Palworld

WARNING: There are new cheats exploiting Helldivers 2 and Palworld

Hackers have found a new way to exploit this season's viral games Hell Divers 2 And In the worldaims to make money quickly and easily by scamming unsuspecting users.

Specifically, a few hours ago I showed up on steam A second game, supposedly Helldivers 2, is on sale for 75% off. The listing on Valve's store was identical, bearing the same images as the regular PlayStation game, right down to the name Arrowhead Game Studios. However, it was a scam! The creators of the game, which already had a page on Steam, suddenly changed all the elements, with the aim of attracting as many users as possible.

It appears that Valve does not check existing games for such changes, and this is exactly the vulnerability that cheaters have relied on. In practice, the only way to tell the game apart was to look at the number and content of user reviews.

Even the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios commented on the matter, writing on his personal account on the X website:

So apparently there are “clone menus” for Helldivers 2 containing stolen images from the game impersonating us, with Arrowhead Game Studios tags and everything! How is this possible steam?

For anyone who wants to get the game on Steam: Check player ratings beforehand to avoid being scammed.

A member of the Palworld development team responded to this post:

We had two of us coming to Palworld today. They downloaded it almost immediately when we emailed Steam.

They're not new apps, they basically take an app for their existing game and just change the name and images to your game. In our case, both games were Little Russian Games.

So be careful! If you see Palworld or Helldivers 2 with a big discount on Steam, pay attention to the user reviews first, because until Valve makes a bigger change, other similar scams will likely pop up.

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