July 14, 2024

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We are close to a pill that will replace exercise

We are close to a pill that will replace exercise

You constantly read that Regular physical activity It is a prerequisite for strengthening it correct situation Your organization, at all levels. Because it is one of the methods that we must follow to prevent diseases.

But you’ve never read how to do all this an exercise. Who are the subjects? molecular Mechanisms. This is because it is something that researchers have not been able to fully decipher.

The complex ways in which exercise affects the entire body, at the molecular level, are not yet fully understood.

Obviously there are many people trying to solve this “test”, for many reasons. First, for the health of the world’s population, but also to find ways to imitate exercise. Which will allow us to get its benefits without exercising.

Consider that besides you (me) who can probably exercise (regardless of whether you want to), there are also people who cannot, but need it to survive.

Gymnastics makes you better no matter what you wear

There are groups that have completed a decade of research into which ingredients should be “rewarded” to “gym pills” in order for them to be effective.

Consortium scientists Molecular transducers of the physical activity consortium (MoTrPAC) chose another approach: to learn how exercise works on our cells and organs, so they could find what could help formulate a formula that would give the same benefits.

in Their last job The data that includes the analysis is not summarized 9,466 samples While monitoring changes in systems (19 tissues, 25 molecular platforms) during endurance exercise (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, etc.) at four time points.

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Their discoveries revealed that exercise triggers a complex series of reactions. “Endurance-focused physical activity not only makes us stronger or faster, it also modifies the way our genes are expressed.”.

The list includes items from their reinforcements Immunology we defense To improve the body’s ability to manage them pressure. There is a positive effect on spiritual we clarityas in situation to brain.

So, they’re closer than ever to creating a pill that will give us all the benefits of physical activity, without any of the effort.

the Stephen CarrOne of the study’s senior authors explained, “It is the first whole-organism map that studies the effects of training in many different organs. The results will be very valuable. They also generate many potential new biological insights for further exploration».

This result surprised even the researchers

One of the things that surprised the researchers was the significant changes they observed in all 19 organs examined. “This highlights how exercise extends beyond the muscles we feel we are working».

specially, heart It becomes more efficient, faster processing brain It improves, while organs such as the lungs and liver undergo beneficial adaptations.

“Perhaps one of the most unexpected findings was the profound effect of exercise on stress response mechanisms. Heat shock proteins, which are biomolecules that protect and maintain cellular health, were significantly enhanced after training.”

Research suggests that exercise can also act as a form of ‘training’ for our cells, enhancing their resistance to stress. “This could mean better protection from everyday wear and even reduced risk of long-term health problems».

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How do we help our members exercise?

Many of us go to the gym regularly (or try to exercise in whatever way we find less boring or more fun), but few do it enthusiastically. In more than 20 years of working out, I’ve never met so many people who are excited about the idea that the time to go to the gym is getting shorter.

Even when it comes to people who need physical activity for a life free from discomfort, pain and other problems that make daily life difficult, due to musculoskeletal or other problems.

But let’s see how each member benefits from exercise.

lungs: “Exercise acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing harmful inflammation in the lungs. This directly translates to easier breathing, which is a huge benefit for anyone with a respiratory condition or someone seeking to improve their athletic performance.”

Intestine: “The gut shows a strong immune response to exercise, especially in women. This means that regular exercise can promote a healthy environment in the gut with potentially far-reaching effects. A healthy gut microbiome benefits overall well-being.”

Heart and muscles: “These ‘hard-working’ tissues undergo a noticeable transformation and become more efficient at producing energy. This is the basis of improved strength and endurance. It allows us to push harder during training.”

Liver: “Although the liver is not directly involved in exercise, it still undergoes subtle but important changes that enhance its overall function. These modifications likely contribute to improved metabolic health and reduced risk of various liver-related diseases.”

Map of the benefits of exercise on the rat’s organs.


Can birth control pills save us from sweating?

The researchers also addressed the multi-billion-dollar question: whether it would be possible to create a pill with which we could take and replicate all the (intrinsic and vital) benefits of exercise, ridding ourselves of sweat and fatigue.

The observations of this particular study bring humanity closer than ever to this possibility.

By precisely identifying cellular and molecular changes caused by physical activity, scientists could one day develop targeted treatments or drugs.

This could theoretically activate the same biological pathways within our bodies, even in people who cannot exercise regularly for whatever reason, but need the benefits of exercise to survive.

It’s nice to have the information at your fingertips, the researchers explained, as nothing can compare (in terms of overall benefits) to real training – from cellular improvements to those that occur in the functioning of our organs.

But without a doubt, the pill will help those who cannot (such as the elderly or people with muscle weakness due to cancer) exercise to enjoy the benefits of the process and help their health. More specifically, it will be able to help treat medical conditions such as heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases (such as dementia) and muscular dystrophy.