October 4, 2023

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We borrow our hairy heads and talk about sharing…

We borrow our hairy heads and talk about sharing…

By George Kraloglos

What dominates the news? How much will the government distribute to the fund.. Is this what we want when the debt reaches 405 billion and there is no return?

This is how we wanted the economy when we secured it day after day 35 years ago. It’s been happening for 15 years, since 2009 when we pretended not to see the wall. The only way out for the Duvari is a financial collapse, as the bankrupt state owes 370 billion euros.

And where was our mind two years later, in 2011? Only in the elections. How and when are we going to bring the others… (ethnic saviors) to our rescue…

The fact of the 370 billion loans that we had to pay did not frighten us.

We even shouted, you remember, the date… “There is money”.

There was money.. but it was only borrowed. And so we continued. We’ve got another 35 billion, and where are we today? Our external debt of 405 billion euros is already close to 410 billion euros.

And what do we do and what have we learned to want (besides notes of course – savings notes, as most people say -) in the 15th year of state bankruptcy and what does this mean for our economy (outside or inside new savings notes…)?

We have learned to expect new distributions in allowances, coupons and vouchers. and extensions of what Hollandistan (unique in the Balkans) shares with us.

Did we think about this all the time?

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We correctly calculated what awaits us with such a debt that only increases. Debt that we do not know where and how it will end and with whom we manage it?

And if we think about it, where do we end up? So do we conclude that we are happy to return the investment grade to us again and we will get it, so we are happy with our cheap loans… Since tourism took 19% of the GDP, what else is required to continue tourism? Distributions (those who gave us learned) state – patriarchal …

And if next year our debts reach 410 billion euros?

Oh poor thing… what would lame ducks do. They’ll tally it up in an accounting way and get it out as well and as it pleases us, as we cunning natives say. And they rub their hands all over our political landscape when they listen to us.

But is this how we think or is it so.. and we do not refrain from all this joy… reality is outside us and far from us…?

Perhaps this is what is happening and it may be difficult to realize that we may have a certain truce in the “war” of the general EU superprofiteering of natural gas, but the energy crisis, because of the Ukraine crisis, is not within reach. It’s all in the end.

It is also difficult for us to understand that the troika and its notebooks may be “frozen” with the notes, but the executive bodies of the European Union are “frozen” with the notes. We are here and we will soon hear how they view Greece’s fiscal policy and how they mean it when our debt reaches 410 billion euros.

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So, as long as we are indebted to our hairy heads, and what goes into the coffers of pseudo-socialism in Helladistan is not product and profit from production in our economy, but only from tourism, from loans (even if they are cheap) and finance… It is good that we do not throw our hat aside from the black economy . Above all, let us not believe that the dividends come from the pockets of the state – Dad…

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