May 21, 2024

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We read more than we do in Hellenic exams

We read more than we do in Hellenic exams
The Eurovision show by Thanasis Alvaras and Jerome Kaloutas received not only positive comments from a large part of the audience, but also from television personalities.

In his statements upon his return to Greece, Jerome Kalota responded to the comments that spoke of negligence on his part in presenting the program.

He pointed out some of their failures, such as not knowing who was the heir to the Swedish throne, and mistakes in “San Marino Island» The situation in which Greece appears, but also the annoyance of the spectators, when they were talking on the air, while the singer was singing on the stage Helena Paparizou.

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Initially, Jerome Calota told Pami Danai the following: “We have experienced incredible things, it is a dream. This year, we have not had many discussions, just some data.”.

In response to a question about the negative comments about him and Thanassis Alfras, Jerome Kaluta said: “Many thanks to those who made the effort to provide constructive criticism, we did our best. Well, we read more than we do in Greek exams, you can be sure of that.”

During his statements, Jerome Calota attacked himself because of one of the mistakes he made while presenting the competition. He said with a sense of humor: “I have a new one for you. Marino is not an island at all.”

He stressed along the way: “We don’t want to be unread, we think we’ve been there and said things that matter to the organization. We have another way and the other way in life in general is not a bad way, it’s just different. We went as artists who got on stage to introduce other artists, and that was the concept. Our ancestors were not artists who took to the stage, except for Mr. Kapotzidis.”.

“It was excitement that came by chance. I had tonsillitis and a 40-degree fever,” Jerome Kaluta said of their conversation while Elena Paparizou sang.

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Finally, he was asked to respond to Kostas Tsouros’ comment that the negligence they showed was insulting. Jerome Calota smiled and avoided answering.

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