May 28, 2024

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Week 15 NFC Playoff Image: Packers go up again

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The NFC playoffs went through Green Bay last season, and we can resume this season.

The Rams beat the Cardinals 30-23 on Monday night to knock Arizona out of the No. 1 spot in the NFC and the Packers, who won the Cardinals in Week Eight, moved to their place. The Cardinals were also dropped behind the Buccaneers, and the Rams have now become a game, so their playoff outlook looks very different as they turn their attention to the 15th week.

No team has been knocked out of the playoffs this week, but Washington slipped to No. 7 after losing to the Cowboys. Not so if we lose again in Philadelphia this week.

Here’s how the whole playoff movie at Week 14 looks like in the books:

1. Packers (10-3) Aaron Rodgers‘Took the toe A twist on the bad Sunday night, but the victories keep coming to the bakers.

2. Buchananers (10-3) The Saints have been their cryptonite in the regular season for the past two years and will try to change that trend this week.

3. Cardinals (10-3) Monday’s defeat reduced them to 3-3 at home, but they are right on the road and the Detroit trip offers a good chance to continue it.

4. Cowboys (9-4) Crime is still trying to find the right formula and their security has given them the opportunity to make a convenient compartment in their pocket.

5. Rams (9-4) November was a tough month for the Rams, but things are looking up again in Los Angeles.

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6. 49ers (7-6) They came back after a 14-point lead in Cincinnati and will try to knock the Falcons out of the wild card race this weekend.

7. Washington (6-7) Their winning streak against the Cowboys ended at home and their playoff hopes would be very bleak if the Eagles beat them this weekend.

8. The Vikings (6-7) The catch against the Steelers last Thursday has kept hope alive for this week’s tour of Chicago.

9. Eagles (6-7) One Pie Week allowed them to relax in four sports divisions, which would determine their playoff destiny.

10. Hawks (6-7) Being outscored by 108 points is not usually a formula for making playoffs, but the Falcons still breathe a sigh of relief after dropping the Panthers.

11. Saints (6-7) Ending their five-game series defeats will leave the Saints with the lights on and find a way to win at Tampa, giving them more inspiration to go into the final three weeks.

12. Panthers (5-8) The Panthers’ 3-0 start feels like it came in a completely different season.

13. Seahawks (5-8) Two straight wins have darkened things less in Seattle, but the defeat in Los Angeles this week will draw attention to what will happen this season.

14. Giants (4-9) The good news for the Giants now is that they have also received Pierce’s first-round selection in 2022.

15. Bears (4-9) In two games against the Vikings over the next four weeks, the Bears can play spoiler for their division rivals.


16. Lions (1-11-1) Lions contracted in the 14th week, which is a bad place when you are not better at full strength.

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