February 20, 2024

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We’ve found out how many players have played Bethesda’s Starfield so far

We’ve found out how many players have played Bethesda’s Starfield so far

the Starfield Ha Bethesda It was released last September for Xbox consoles, but also for PC and very quickly managed to break the Skyrim concurrent player record on Steam. But how many players have played the game since it became available until today? The answer is now provided by Phil Spencer.

In more detail, the CEO conducted a new interview with CCXP A few hours ago, among other things, he said that the Starfield game has exceeded 12 million players since its release until today. This is a very impressive number of players, while the title is also among the 10 most “played” games in the history of Xbox Studios.

Below are Phil Spencer’s statements:

Starfield was great. One of the special things about my job is that I get to play games very early in their development. I’ve been playing Starfield for about a year today and the game was released in early September of this year. I couldn’t stop playing and that’s when I realized this was a very special game.

You never know when something will be a hit, but it’s great to see how well it does. In fact, Starfield now has over 12 million players since launch and remains in the top 10 most played games from our studios, so thank you all for your support of Starfield, making it such a huge success.

On November 21st we told you that Starfield now works much better, as a big and very important update has arrived. You can learn more about it by clicking here. You can find out what we think of Bethesda’s game by clicking here, in a detailed video review edited by Sakis Karpas and Themis Poultsis.

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For your information, Starfield first became available on September 1st for players who chose the Premium Edition, and will arrive for all owners of Xbox Series

You can see everything Phil Spencer had to say below.