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What are the three signs that will be favored by Mercury and Jupiter on 08/12/2023?

What are the three signs that will be favored by Mercury and Jupiter on 08/12/2023?

What are the three signs that will be favored by Mercury and Jupiter on 08/12/2023?

Mercury is in practical and ambitious Capricorn, and on 08/12/2023 at dawn, it will form a very positive triangle with Jupiter in Taurus. Naturally, the aspect effect takes hold more before and after the day accuracy becomes accurate. In fact, this is the first time this triangle has been formed, as two other triangles will be formed. The second will be on 12/18/2023, when Mercury is retrograde, and the last will be on 01/19/2024. This aspect occurs in the VIthe The fate of these signs positively affects the earth signs, i.e. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn 1Sh Nodes and those who have the ascendant or planets of the 3rdthe Until 9the The fate of these signs.

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This triangle will bring interesting conversations and communications with friends and groups which will make us happy. It is also very useful in agreements, travel and business transactions. So it is the right opportunity to go out, mingle, and exchange opinions and ideas. Our relationships will flow harmoniously, we will be able to express our thoughts directly and honestly, and we will generally get along more easily with the people around us on both a professional and personal level. Acquaintances and partnerships that will begin now will have better prospects, while we will have positive developments in existing relationships or plans that we left in the middle.

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In addition, we will meet important people, have the opportunity to promote our ideas, and where we will get the support and help we need. But the most important thing is that this triangle renews faith in ourselves and helps us identify opportunities where otherwise we would see only obstacles and difficulties. So remember that this positive approach to dealing with situations will help us find solutions to problems more easily and look to the future with a more optimistic eye.

But let us see in more detail which three signs the trine of Mercury and Jupiter will favor and in what ways they can benefit from them


Mercury in Capricorn with Jupiter in your sign is an aspect that gives you optimism and a positive mood and gives you the opportunity to promote your ideas and put your creative plans into practice. It is a good time to expand professionally, as you will get great help and support, as well as opportunities to showcase your skills. The meeting or discussion that you will have these days will help you find alternative solutions to problems and will open up new horizons for you that you could not have imagined before. It is a good time to settle outstanding matters related to foreign affairs, studies or legal affairs, and it is possible that a person with whom you will feel that you can make dreams and future plans will appear on your way. Use these days to take or organize a trip, set high goals and take risks that will help you go one step further.

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The triangle of Mercury in Capricorn with Jupiter in Taurus represents a happy and creative period for you, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy love, flirt, and have fun while putting problems aside for a while. You will feel free to be yourself and some of you may even romantically meet someone who will bring out your lighter, more playful side. You are armed with confidence and courage, so this is a good time to go on a romantic date or express your interest in something you desire. Some of the conversations or communications that you will have now will make you happy and you will not hesitate to express yourself honestly and directly without fear of criticism from others. If you are an artist or want to put a creative plan into action, this triangle will help you showcase your skills, so make the most of these days. You are most favored if you were born in the first ten days.


The planet of communication, Mercury, has been in your sign for several days and on 12/08 forms a very favorable trine with Jupiter from Taurus. This aspect will be repeated due to Mercury retrograde two more times in December on 12/18 and in January on 01/19. This means that you will finally be able to express your thoughts courageously and find solutions to the problems that have been bothering you. The conversations and communications that you will have now will make you particularly happy, and it is possible that you will meet a new person, which will renew you and enhance your self-confidence. These days are suitable for negotiations and agreements of all kinds, as you are sure of your beliefs and positions and can easily convince others and bring them to your side. In addition, your good mood and optimistic approach to situations will help you improve your personal relationships and professional partnerships. You can also get service in studying and traveling.

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