May 18, 2024

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What did the French do! A masterpiece from the future with the most revolutionary lights, the new Renault Hypercar! (photos and videos)

What did the French do!  A masterpiece from the future with the most revolutionary lights, the new Renault Hypercar!  (photos and videos)

It is called Alpine Alpenglow and it shows the future of the French company Alpine owned by Renault

Technology in recent years has shown us that even car headlights can become very interesting. In the year 2023, car companies have grown so much that they design and build futuristic supercars that look like they came from the future.

In a new video from the popular YouTuber Supercar Blondie, who shows the world the craziest car show models, we see the new Alpine supercar. Alpine Alpenglow is a completely new concept from the company that was very quickly translated into a first demonstration model. Perhaps the designs will inspire future Formula 1 racing, and perhaps even the very expensive sports cars of France. Only time will tell.

next generation

The new Alpine Alpenglow has a very futuristic design with curves all around, cool lights and an impressive rear design. The revolutionary lamps are called cosmic dust lamps and they are the first in the world with this special design/mechanism.

The car is single-seater, and the driver sits in the center of the body. The rims are great too, looking like they’re made of ice and snow. The aerodynamic characteristics of the car are adjustable, just like in Formula 1 cars. Instead of mirrors, there are cameras, and there is also a lap recording system for driving on a track.

Which engine does it contain?

While we learned quite a few details about the car’s exterior, the French company didn’t reveal much about the mechanical department. We know for sure that he’s working on the next generation hydrogen system and that’s certainly interesting in its own right. But apart from that, we don’t know anything else.

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Alpine France’s plan for Alpenglow is to signal a new era for the company and spark excitement among the fans for the revamped Formula 1 team.

Given all of the above, the Alpine Alpenglow is similar to the Mercedes AMG One, a supercar from the German brand that recently became the fastest car to finish the Monza track, achieving a time of 1:43.902 seconds. It also houses a Formula 1 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine with electric motors for a final horsepower of 1,063 horsepower. This necessarily means that an Alpine supercar needs more than a thousand horsepower to compete with the German beast.