May 22, 2024

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“What does he miss if he's not on TV? Shall we bring her food with tabiraki?”

the Lola is a guestThe Iron Lady of PR spoke on the show of Fay Skordas and journalist Christos Lysia. Among other things, he noted her departure Elenis Menigakis Of mega but also Queen of TV.

More specifically, Lola, a guest, said: “There is no one on television who is irreplaceable. I imagine that Eleni Minegaki, because she never does anything without thinking about it and she is a very smart girl, will benefit from this whole story. That is, he is not doing it out of Desperation. She does it because she has thought about it, studied it, and will have something else. He has no problem being away from TV again. What will he lose if he is not on TV for another year? What will he do with the Tabiraki?

“I would love for him to make a TV game. At first you didn't expect the extent of her career. You knew she was a nice girl, she had a great producer that she listened to, and along the way it showed how smart she was. Lola guest added: “What a good agent for her “.

Regarding Tv Queen, Lola Guest commented: “I think TV Queen is real and if one comes out.. I hope she comes out but in two months she will have all the qualifications and all the talent? I don't know. I'm very afraid it will upset some girls who decide to do something else “In their lives, they suddenly thought they had won their first lottery.”