February 27, 2024

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What does ‘House of the Dragon’ look like IRL

What does 'House of the Dragon' look like IRL

Dragon House He has a great cast, you’ve probably seen before (hi there, Matt Smith) and some of them are relatively new to the scene. The scene being a big budget HBO . Shows that is poised to take on pop culture for the next several years. and look Dragon House Went so far when it comes to hair, makeup, and fashion, you might be wondering what everyone else looks like off screen. Answer: Shockingly different! Check out the actors compared to their onscreen counterparts (yes, Crabfeeder included), and FYI we’ll be adding to this list every week as new characters emerge as this show takes the set to a whole new level.

NB: Dragon House He re-enacted several main characters in the middle of the seasonwhich is why you will see several Aliscent Hightowersand Rinera Targaryenin this list. If this comes as a shock to you / a brand! the new! Information, co-author Ryan Condall said from the inside The decision was actually made “early” in production, explaining, “It’s a visualization but I think it works, after I’ve watched it a few times. The people who are really kids into this are the people who are recast. The people who are really adults when we meet them, We age them with hair and makeup and sometimes the actors change their voices.”

On that note…

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