February 20, 2024

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What does Stoltenberg’s statement about “bad news” mean in the face of a harsh winter?

What does Stoltenberg’s statement about “bad news” mean in the face of a harsh winter?

In a trench battle without special benefits for either side, the The war between Russia and UkraineAs the West continues to support Kiev with money and supplies, Moscow, on the other hand, is strengthening the forces operating on Ukrainian territory in an attempt to preserve the territory it has placed under its control since the start of the invasion in February. 2022. Meanwhile, report of the NATO Secretary General Jens StoltenbergWho spoke a few days ago on the German channel ARD, said that NATO must be ready to listen.Bad News“From Ukraine, it appears that in the coming period, diplomatic initiatives may be undertaken with the aim of signing a treaty between the two sides that could put an end to the bloodshed, which Kiev categorically denies.

However, defense analysts estimate that it is very difficult to lose territory gained in wartime during peace negotiations, while they point out that it is precisely on this general assumption that the concern expressed by Stoltenberg in his reports is based on the question of whether he fears that the situation In Ukraine it will worsen in the future. “Wars develop in stages. We must support Ukraine in difficult and easy times.” He made a special reference to the Secretary General of NATO, who yesterday held an emergency meeting in Brussels with the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Rustam UmarovThis is in an attempt to entertain the impressions caused by his statements on the ARD channel. Jens Stoltenberg and Rustam Omerov discussed the latest developments on the battlefield and Ukraine’s urgent military needs, with the former reiterating the Alliance’s steadfast support for Ukraine.

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At the same time, Russia and Ukraine are preparing militarily on the ground to face the harsh winter that has already begun to appear on the war fronts, making the movements of the armed forces of both countries difficult. Neither army can currently expel the other from the territories they control, as the military operations of both Moscow and Kiev have been concentrated along the border. Eastern FrontEspecially around Kupriyansk but also around the cities of Avdiivka and Marinka in the Donetsk region. The city is an important industrial center especially in Avdiivka DonbassSince the beginning of the war, it has been subjected to significant damage, whether from fierce battles or from continuous bombing. In early October, the Russians launched a large-scale offensive to seize Avdiivka, which continues despite heavy losses, which Ukrainian sources say amount to about 900 per day. On the other hand, Ukrainian forces are witnessing a suffocation in the city of Marinka, west of it Donetsk. This is a negative development for the Ukrainian army, as its movements there led to the siege of important Russian forces, which are now considered freed to reinforce other, more important fronts. The Russian military has also recently focused its pressure on penetrating Ukrainian defenses in the Kupriyansk-Liman sector on the northeastern front line, where fighting has intensified, using infantry and artillery as well as drones. After all, just last Friday the President of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin He ordered a further increase in the personnel of the Russian Armed Forces by 170,000 soldiers, with the aim of further strengthening the forces operating on the Ukrainian front. Note that in October, the British Ministry of Defense reported that Russia on the war’s eastern front “may have suffered between 150,000 and 190,000 permanent casualties,” a figure that includes soldiers killed or seriously wounded.

About the Ukrainian counterattack Which began at the beginning of summer, and is estimated to have entered a state of recession in recent weeks. Now the Ukrainian army in some places continues its offensive actions, and in other places it adjusts its tactics by adopting defensive arrangements and at the same time building extensive fortifications. It seems that Kiev is now attaching special importance to strengthening its defensive line along the Eastern Front, and strengthening the defense of the country’s major cities with anti-missile systems, as it believes that Moscow will intensify its missile strikes against civilian targets in the country in the coming period. An attempt to weaken the morale of the population and an indicator of the change in Kiev’s strategy on the war fronts was the report of the Ukrainian president’s advisor Michael Podolyak The government is now focusing on increasing domestic arms production and accelerating talks with partners to boost military procurement. At the same time, he noted that the offensive operations of the Ukrainian army as well as its own strategic operations will continue in the Crimean Peninsula and in the waters of the Black Sea.

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