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What is “drawn” for “Zakos”, “Cochin” and “Elite” (photos) (updated)

What is “drawn” for “Zakos”, “Cochin” and “Elite” (photos) (updated)

More than 570 Auctions It is implemented today Wednesday 20 March. Among them stand out big names from the past, but also companies that…spontaneously participate in this process.

“Zakus” from Varkiza

His case belongs to this second category From the famous steak restaurant in the southern suburb “Zakos” in Varkiza. This is as happened earlier today, as the ownership of the property in which the company is located changed. It was noted thatZakos does not participate in the auction because it rents the space, while the whole process does not affect its operation.
It is in fact a duplicate auction, as the original auction was suspended on 12/13/2023 due to notaries’ abstention from voting, and in particular, the auction was directed against A.B., the owner of real estate located on a plot of land within the city, the municipality plan of Vari, with an area of ​​766, 70 square meters. Within the plot of land is a building consisting of a ground floor, three floors and a roof, which includes shops on the ground floor and commercial spaces and residences on the upper floors.

The hammer has the following characteristics:

1) “I1” store on the ground floor, with an area of ​​118 square meters. It consists of two rooms and two bathrooms. The part of the front garden in front of the store up to the eastern limit of the plot on Vassilios Constantinou Street belongs to the exclusive use of the property. He came out with an initial bid price of €800,000, but there was no interest.
2) “I2” store on the ground floor, with an area of ​​161 square metres. It consists of three rooms and three toilets. The exclusive use of the property includes part of the front garden in front of the store up to the eastern boundary of the plot on Vassilios Constantinou Street. It houses a health concern company under the brand name “Zaxos Grill”. The store's exclusive front lawn section is used for table seating. It was offered at a first bid price of €1,000,000 and was given an additional €1 to €1,000,001.

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Regarding first offer prices, following the relevant decision of the Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens For the first property it was set at €800,000 And The second amounted to one million euros. Thus, the initial total price is 1,800,000 euros. A rapid response was made and confiscation in the amount of €164,431.25 was imposed.

The area of ​​​​the property is the Varkiza area, which It develops along the coastal road of Athens – Soni It is the central commercial center of the city. The property in question is located on the coastal street, at the end of the commercial area, in a place characterized by great commercial activity with an abundance of shops.

Elite property

The repeated auction ended in vain for its commercial properties Elite shoesAs happened on February 7.
Elite, famous for the slogan “Comfort on foot”In the past, it was the largest Greek shoe industry. In 2008, it was awarded an award in Vigevano, Italy as one of the leading companies in its sector.

It was a family business that started from a small shop 1976in its new corporate form, wrote for years of glory in the market, under his management Dimitris Christodoulatos and his partner Nikos Zaharas.

It is one of the features that it possesses The production capacity is about 1,000,000 pairs of women's shoes annuallybut also Network of 65 storesMany of which have been developed through franchises.
But since the beginning of the economic crisis that lasted several years, the trend has been negative and final a company It was officially declared bankrupt in 2017. Therefore, an auction is scheduled for today, with Intrum's claim, directed against D. Christodoulatos and N. Zaharas and relates to a property in Kolokynthou, at the intersection of a road Ptolemy, Thrasymachus and Akraganthus Streets, It is also where Elite ABEE Footwear is headquartered.

According to the evaluation report, the area in question is characterized by a concentration of properties with industrial and storage uses, especially older buildings.

In the auction, two-thirds (2/3) is undivided for the horizontal ownership of the fourth floor of the building, which occupies the entire surface of the floor and consists of one room with an area of ​​2,660 square meters. Today, the horizontal feature has been configured, meaning there are aluminum partitions with different offices, in addition to four toilets.

According to the evaluation report, the construction quality of the building is described as good, with moderate maintenance. The market value of the entire property is estimated at €2,085,870 and for the two-thirds at €1,390,580, which is also the starting price. As mentioned above, the auction has been canceled due to lack of bidders.

Cochin and Trikat

Furniture manufacturing facilities also remained unclaimed (Cochin in Diavata Thessaloniki).which was put on auction today through 7 auctions with an accelerated AADE and an overall starting price 2,481,000 euros.

side by side, Auctions have been suspended at the expense of the construction company TRIKAT AEKTE. Which relates to its properties (apartments and warehouses) on a property in Ravenna.

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