July 14, 2024

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What will eventually happen to Xbox exclusives on PS5? – Microsoft’s new positioning

What will eventually happen to Xbox exclusives on PS5?  – Microsoft’s new positioning

after Xbox Games Expo 2024Head of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, had publicly posted about Xbox exclusive games coming to other platforms. However, his answer was not entirely clear, and thus Variety journalists tried to shed more light on the company’s plans this time.

Specifically, in the latest episode of the podcast “Business accuratelyFrom the press outlet, head of gaming content, Xbox and Bethesda Studios, Matt Bottiwe were asked to explain what Microsoft ultimately plans to do with its game exclusivity.

So, starting with the progress of Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5, Matt highlighted the following:

“We’re very happy with what we’ve seen in Sea of ​​Thieves. In terms of things I can share that was encouraging for us is that when we released Sea of ​​Thieves on PlayStation 5, we saw engagement increase on both Xbox and PC. So, again, there’s this thing where more people are coming to the series, which creates more excitement, which actually grows the series as a whole – and if you want to speak clearly, from and from a business perspective, it allows us to continue to reinvest. In this franchise and continue to grow it.

One of the things that is at the heart of our Xbox promise is this: allowing people to play where they want to play, with the people they want to play, on the devices they play on, and it’s encouraging that we haven’t seen a vertical decline in an isolated community out there. The work that Teaming up to be best-in-class across platforms has really paid off because we’ve seen people participating outside of their own device ecosystem, which is great.

The other thing is that it brought new players to Sea of ​​Thieves, right? One of the real goals that all our franchises have and that we all have across the industry right now is: “How do we grow?” And it was really great to see that it brought in new players who had never played Sea of ​​Thieves before. I think we consider that a success!”

With the Sea of ​​Thieves experience being a “success” then, what can we expect for the company’s future projects to be released on other platforms? Matt replied:

“We’ll continue to make these decisions on a game-by-game basis. We’re fully committed to launching Xbox exclusives — it’s part of our core promise — and we want to continue to bring our games to more players on more devices. We certainly have a lot of experience with that with things Which has historically been cross-platform for a long time.”

Based on the words of a high-ranking executive, Microsoft will continue to bring its games to more devicesbut at the same time It is committed to releasing “exclusive editions” on Xbox consoles environmental system. Decisions on which game to follow which path will be made individually, as there does not appear to be any general strategy for the entire lineup.

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