June 25, 2024

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When is the day with the big offers and sales?

When is the day with the big offers and sales?

We’re still in the middle of October, but many are already looking at when Black Friday will fall this year, as we’re already counting down to Black Friday 2023 and Cyber ​​Monday 2023.

These are the best days of the year in terms of sales and great offers of all kinds.

As is the case every year, Black Friday is “celebrated” on the last Friday of November. This year, Black Friday 2023 falls on November 24tha day when all major chains, as well as hundreds of stores across the country, are expected to offer thousands of product codes.

As usual, consumers will find discounts a week before Black Friday 2023, but also a few days after, as we also celebrate Cyber ​​Monday on the Monday after Black Friday.

Black Friday began in the United States, where it established itself as the most profitable day of the year for retail. In fact, it didn’t take long for the stores’ massive success in the United States to bring Black Friday to other countries as well.

Black Friday most often takes place immediately after Thanksgiving, on the fourth Friday of every November, and the myths surrounding its creation vary.

In fact, Black Friday first occurred in the 1950s in Philadelphia, USA, when hordes of suburban consumers flooded the city in the next 24 hours after Thanksgiving.

In those days, the unusual traffic on commercial and non-commercial roads forced traffic wardens to extend their working hours in order to control the traffic chaos!

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the Founding of Black Friday After the indescribable state of madness that prevailed in Philadelphia, it was more than expected.

On the occasion of Black Friday, the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and Investment has prepared a “Golden Ten List” for consumers for this particular day.

1. Watch out for potential scammers and fraudulent practices.

2. Read the terms of use in online stores and ask about guarantees in physical stores.

3. Beware of impulsive buying behavior before making any transaction.

4. Beware of unknown or new online businesses.

5. Beware of misleading offers.

6. Be very careful when providing sensitive personal information.

7. Do not be swayed by unusually low prices or offers.

8. Coupons and gift cards.

9. Verifying the security policy in electronic transactions.

10. Agreeing on the delivery date of the product.