October 4, 2023

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When Queen Anne Maria traveled to Corfu – a picture is worth a thousand words

When Queen Anne Maria traveled to Corfu – a picture is worth a thousand words

the Queen Anne Maria, the last queen of Greece, loves Greece. She made this clear in her interviews and emphasized that she immediately fell in love with our country when she came from Denmark to marry King Constantine II, the last king of Greece.

Anna Maria is considered by many to be the most beautiful member of the royal family. And rightly so. From then until today her beauty has been captivating. A gentle, discreet presence with a source of politeness.

Queen Anna Maria and the late King Constantine II were in Corfu in the distant past. The next photo of them is unique, full of color and adorable Anna Maria.

“Greece gave me a lot. I’m sorry I’m like this now,” said Queen Anna Maria in an interview. Her mother was the only daughter of Gustav VI Adolphus of Sweden and Margaret of Connaught, Ingrid of Sweden.

“Every day I see Greece I like him. There is no other place like it. I think Konstantinos was shown a picture of me in a magazine. He was probably determined to marry me. Anna Maria indicated that at the first hearing that Konstantinos was going to marry me, my father scolded him in the bath.” .

Queen Anne Maria in a really rare photo from the past

Main image: Papadakis Press

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