July 14, 2024

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When the morning entertainment shows end – what is their future?

When the morning entertainment shows end – what is their future?

The morning area is of great importance and will be crowded with faces and transitions

Another TV season is coming to an end! A tough competitive season, with many doses of self-reference and small doses of… high ratings! The morning zone was one of the programming “chapters” it occupied, where TV stars and their panels gave concerts in the battle of exclusive issues, but also in battles.

According to the information so far, breakfast entertainment will say goodbye on July 5. Some presenters will go on a quiet holiday…but others will be in the burning embers.

Among the lucky ones in the first category is Stamatina Tsimtsili. Another year’s big winner, Happy Day will continue unscathed with stable partners and the same philosophy that has taken them to the top for ten years. Eleni Hatzidu and Eteocles Pavlou had the same fate. “Breakfast@STAR” renews its dates for the new season, and the slogan “The winning team never changes” proves its wisdom in their case.

Giorgos Liagas has renewed his contract with ANT1, and the ‘Proino’ continues, but there will be no shortage of tonic injections and minor changes in the squad. A journalist is not only a strict judge of others, but of himself as well, so he always wants the best and more.

We will see many changes in the frequency of the ALPHA channel in the “Super Katerina” show. Katerina Caenorgiou, after a difficult year, with many tensions eliminated after the departure of Andreas Mikrotsikos, will discuss with the production important adjustments to the staff and also to the team around her.

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At MEGA, the situation remains fluid. Faye Skordas may have made a verbal agreement, but she had not yet signed and the machines for assigning the team and forming the breakfast had not yet been started. So, in this turbulent time, let’s wait for the announcements and the rest will follow. The arrival of the blonde presenter on Syngro TV… Danae Baraka is sent to the afternoon arena with a new show.

As for SKAI and OPEN? It is now accepted that the Valeros channel is turning to the media, while official discussions have not yet begun at the Biana station. Eleni Tsolaki, even at the end of the year, is up by percentages and she certainly deserves it because she stood with her head held high.

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