February 22, 2024

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When will his “chaos” end?

When will his “chaos” end?

After three “exhaustingly” sold-out seasons, a tour of packed theaters all over Greece, numerous theater awards and rave reviews, Panos Vlachos And “The accidental death of an anarchist” The theatrical “phenomenon” that was loved by 250,000 spectators nationwide brings the curtain down Sunday, April 28, and completes its cycle.

Starting today, Monday 29 January, the last tickets will be on sale via more.com and through the theater's box office (Monday – Friday 12:00 – 20:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:00 – 20:00).

Is this our time and the absurdities we still live through? Is it the “blind” justice that has become the servant of a corrupt system? Are they the anarchists who keep falling out of windows?

For all these reasons and many more, his theater company is terrible “Accidental death of an anarchist” Led by him John Cackles Gloria Theater studies demonic energy. The farce, clowning and puns steeped in the present expose incompetence, corruption and gaps in justice.

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the Panos Vlachos, George Tsavaras, Iphigenia Asteriadis, Giannis Giannoulis, Panagiotis Katsoulis and Stelios Pitsos They introduce us to the acerbic and reprehensible world of Dario Fo through live music, songs and above all through humour, simulating our world today in a unique way.

The play

Dario Fo, the great Italian playwright who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997, is known for his extreme irreverence and daring theatrical approach.

“Accidental death of an anarchist” She is distinguished by her groundbreaking writing, provocative humor, and provocative social commentary. Based on true events, the play is a brilliantly comic and reprehensible satire on violence, stupidity, abuse of power and political corruption.

Dario Fo managed to “uncover” the murder of the “anarchist railwayman” Giuseppe Benelli, committed by the Italian police. In a sarcastic and ironic way, he condemns the tragic event, criticizes the abuse of power, and criticizes the inappropriate force of the Italian justice system.

The themes of his play remain relevant to this day, making it a classic and suitable for both traditional and innovative theatrical styles.

the offer

His revealing words Panos Vlachos And his live music Vayu Prabha Transforming this performance into a modern theatrical revelation. A darkly comedic satire that fearlessly mocks the authorities and their manipulation of the truth. The rhymes of the eight distinguished actors become a powerful tool that exposes the absurdity and hypocrisy of power.

As Dario Fo very aptly says: “Since it was written, the play has been performed with undiminished success. Perhaps because in life, bloodshed, bombs, big words, and big scandals increase from time to time… always from the same systems that regulate violence and that cannot digest those who do not bow their heads.

A show that challenges the audience to confront uncomfortable truths…


Drama direction/editing: Yannis Kaklias
Scene: Elenia Dolderi/Yiannis Kaklias
Costumes: Elena Dolderi
Music Composition: Vayose Prabhas
Lyrics: Panos Vlachos
Choreography: Angeliki Trombocki
Lighting: Stella Calzo

Starring: Panos Vlachos, Giorgos Tsavaras, Ephigenia Asteriadis, Giannis Giannoulis, Panagiotis Katsoulis and Stelios Pitsos

Musician on stage: Vayose Prabhas


Gloria Theater, 7 Hippocrates, Athens 10679
Booking phone: 210 3600832

Display days and times
Wednesday 20.00
Thursday 21.00
Friday 21.00
Saturday 21.00
Sunday 20.00

the tickets:
20 euros regular
17 euros Student, disabled, unemployed, over 65 years old

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Pre-sale online: