April 13, 2024

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Where do you draw your eyebrows?

Where do you draw your eyebrows?

If you always want to have well-shaped eyebrows, without having to dye them, then you should make an appointment at “Gia Nyhaki”.

Learn all about the most hot The trend in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.

the Technique “ombre It can create a very natural, rich and full effect.

the Maria Cattario Thanks to its many years of experience, it promises to give your face the image it deserves, a clean and natural result.

Technology “ombreIt promises to create a smooth transition of color in your eyebrows from one end to the other, achieving a shadow and light effect that will add dimension and depth to your makeup.

Application is made using semi-permanent colours, which are applied in a simulated manner Normal growth Of the hair on the eyebrows.

Why choose this technology? ombre;

The strength of the ombre technique lies in creating a smooth transition of color from the base of the eyebrow to its tip, while gradually increasing the color intensity.

One of the main reasons why this technique is so popular in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is the natural and long-lasting look it provides. Instead of looking overly full or artificial, brows created using this technique look natural and impressive.

Book your appointment now On 2231051552 Always in consultation with Maria Kathariou, adapt the application to suit your face, according to your needs and preferences. From soft and natural application to more intense and dramatic application, the options are endless in “Gia Nyhaki”.

Finally, the ombre technique is ideal for those looking for a permanent solution to eyebrow makeup, as it provides a perfect look long-term A choice that keeps her looking flawless all day long.

the “For nails” meter Over 17 years Being in the field of cosmetics and limb aesthetics, where we provide every client with the care they deserve!

You can book your appointment by phone by calling 22310 51552.

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