April 19, 2024

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White Xbox Series

White Xbox Series

For a few hours now, some photos showing one of these creatures have been circulating the internet Xbox Series.

Going into details, eXputer reported in its exclusive report last month that Microsoft is preparing a new version of the Xbox Series Now, the media has highlighted the first real images of this new version of the console, proving not only that it is real, but also that its release is very close.

According to the broker's new information, the all-digital Xbox Series In fact, it will also have some internal changes, including an improved brush for better heat management.

Here are the photos that were released.

For your information, the same source previously mentioned that this new digital Xbox Series From $50 to up to $100 cheaper than the current Xbox Series With 1 TB disk.

At this point it should be noted that Microsoft's plans seem to have changed. In September last year, in the context of the legal dispute over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, several of its confidential documents became public which revealed, among other things, that the company was at one point planning a new version of the Xbox. Tenth series.

The “refreshed” Xbox Series In fact, according to the documents, it will be “fully digital”, that is, without an optical medium for playing retail games, 2TB more storage space and with a new improved controller. This version won't have more processing power, as was the case with the Xbox One

Ultimately, this cylindrical version may never see the light of day, and instead it is very likely that Microsoft will have decided to release a simpler, all-digital version.

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