June 21, 2024

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WHO: The acute phase of the epidemic will end this summer

For this, 70% of the population should be vaccinated

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprais in South Africa has promised that the world will be able to cope with the acute phase of the corona virus outbreak in the coming months.

“Our expectation is that the acute phase of this epidemic will end this year, with one condition of course: 70% vaccinated. [de la población] In the middle of this year, in June or July, ”Caprais told reporters during his visit to the South African biotech company Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines. According to AFP.

“If this is done, the hard phase will really end and we are waiting for it. It is in our hands,” he continued.

According to the head of the World Health Organization, the center mRNA vaccines This is the “basis” for low- and middle-income countries in South Africa to achieve “self-sufficiency” in the sector, which they are promoting against Covit-19 (Messenger ribonucleic acid).

The WHO describes the rise in Govt-19 deaths as alarming

“Epidemiology highlights the need to increase local production of vaccines worldwide (…) The WHO Global mRNA Center is an important step in that direction, sharing technology and applying existing scientific capabilities and knowledge in South Africa,” the WHO Director-General said in a statement.

For his part, Soumya Swaminathan, the WHO’s chief scientist who accompanied Cyprus on the visit, warned that humanity would face other new strains of the virus during epidemics.

“We have seen the virus evolve and change, […] There will be more variations and more worrying types, so we are not at the end of the plague, ”Swaminathan said.

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Accordingly Information Collected through the portal Our world in data, Currently 4 thousand 240 million people in the world are fully vaccinated against the corona virus and 620 million are with a single dose. Overall, they represent about 62% In the world population. (Agency Summary)