April 24, 2024

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Why don't… Attices Road toll officials take your e-passes to… fill them out

Why don't… Attices Road toll officials take your e-passes to… fill them out

When giving the electronic pass (for the Attica road) to replenish the balance and secure the crossings, I discovered a new peculiarity of the toll booth: when I gave the employee the device, he refused to take it. To my surprise, he asked me to hold the device and fill it remotely.

Of course I was curious as to why this was happening and as expected I asked why. Before you imagine that the reason is a new pandemic coming, which they are trying to prevent, I answer you: No, the reason is much simpler but serious enough to create a problem. But before I reveal why, it's good to see how the fee payment process works.

Fee system

In Atiki Odos, all toll stations are placed at the entrances to the highway, in specially designed areas. Therefore, drivers pay the toll only once, when entering the highway. The toll system implemented is of the open type, with a single toll for all routes.

With this system, short trips are a disincentive for drivers on the highway, which absorbs much of the vehicular traffic within the watershed, crossing much of the city's urban fabric. In total, there are 39 toll stations with 195 lanes (gates).

Fee system

In total, there are 39 toll stations with 195 lanes (gates). Drivers only have to pay once when entering the highway. The “toll fee” corresponding to each vehicle category is the same at all toll stations regardless of the day or time and the kilometer distance covered by the driver.

Thus, the longest possible trips on the highway become beneficial. At the same time, Attiki Odos absorbs a significant portion of vehicular traffic within the basin, crossing a significant portion of the urban fabric of the city.

Transit payment methods

  • With the money in the lane with the toll collector
  • Using a bank card in a lane with a toll collector (excluding DINERS and AMERICAN EXPRESS)
  • Using an account card in a lane with a toll collector or using an e-PASS in an electronic lane (using an e-Pass device, it is possible to make transactions in a lane with a toll collector when the cash balance is replenished at the same lane at the same time).

In this last method of payment, you encounter the peculiarity of “filling out” the electronic pass. As the employee explained to me, most toll collectors are told not to take e-passes at the kiosks because their drivers/owners… forget them.

As soon as the bar opens they get started and leave their devices behind. This phenomenon is so common that about one in three drivers leaves/forgets their e-pass with the toll official. As a result of them searching for their device or reporting its loss. Therefore, station managers as well as employees prefer not to put their hands on electronic pass devices in order to replenish the money in them.

We rush, we forget, we get angry, and the result: we waste time, moments, and…the electronic card