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Why was Sweden’s prime minister “in a frenzy” in Brussels? If Erdogan changes his mind and says “yes”, Greece and Cyprus will lose (video)

Why was Sweden’s prime minister “in a frenzy” in Brussels?  If Erdogan changes his mind and says “yes”, Greece and Cyprus will lose (video)

epa10717274 (LR) German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson during the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, June 29, 2023. EPA, OLIVIER HOSLET

By Michaelis Ignatiou
Hellas Journal, Washington

Yesterday in Brussels, the Prime Minister of Sweden was inside In laughter and joy. And a leader did not appear in the midst of a major crisis after the burning of the Koran by an Iraqi fanatic outside a mosque in Stockholm, which angered the Muslim world.

Indeed, Ulf Kristersson seemed confident that his country would formally join NATO at the Vilnius, Lithuania summit.

Are things really good for Sweden? Was Recep Tayyip Erdogan convinced of his approval of the entry of the northern countries into the Western alliance?

Because the Islamic President of Turkey announces with all tones and to those who pressure him to bow down and accept Sweden, that he does not change his decision, and this is known both in official statements and in the discussions that take place behind the scenes. In Washington, Brussels, Ankara and Stockholm.

If Erdogan allows Sweden, after Finland, to join NATO, we have to worry, because the victims will be Greece, but also Cyprus.

  • As far as Athens is concerned, Washington may have made the decision to reward Turkey by all means giving it the F-16 fighters it needs for its air force. Erdogan is playing a dirty game and Greece must not fall into the trap.

After the devastating earthquake last February and the help of the Greek government and people, the overflights stopped and in general Turkey does not disturb the Aegean Sea.

Erdogan also made, of course, an illegal “visit” to occupied Cyprus where he reiterated that the Turkish goal of the island is the permanent partition through the unacceptable arrangement of the “two states”. And for the Aegean Sea, it is asserted that the “blue homeland” exists and the primary objective does not change: the Greek islands supposedly belong to the occupying power.

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Turkey is expected to receive 75% of its requests related to Cyprus and the Bosphorus Strait at the NATO summit, and here is Athens’ call to do its duty. Not accepting Türkiye’s achievements through the Western alliance.

And as Kathimerini reveals today, Turkey will have the right to describe the straits as Turkish, and with regard to Cyprus, there will be no reference to the Republic of Cyprus, but it will be described by coordinates!!! This is a settlement proposal made by the Americans to appease Türkiye.

  • Let’s put it more simply: Sweden’s accession to NATO with Turkey’s consent would be at the expense of the interests of Greece and Cyprus.

The situation on Washington’s part is described as a stalemate, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan fail to convince lawmakers who decide to sell F-16s to Turkey.

These lawmakers do not see Erdogan’s grace to Sweden as a reason to give him American fighter jets.

But officials in President Joe Biden’s administration are still trying, despite hitting a wall. The main question is this:

Does the American president who appears in other places and in other places … dare to follow the example of Donald Trump with Saudi Arabia?

Then, again, Senator Robert Menendez halted the sale of US military personnel to the Kingdom by promoting human rights issues and more. Trump took matters to a vote in the House of Representatives as lawmakers gave him the green light to go ahead with the sale.

  • Mr. Blinken assured Mr. Menendez, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that the White House would not come to its final choice. But can one trust a president who decides one thing and does another?
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Speaking in Brussels, the Swedish prime minister said he had the approval of Viktor Orban, who did nothing without consulting Erdogan. If the Hungarian Prime Minister had already assured him that Budapest would not delay Sweden’s membership in NATO, then we can assume that he was in cahoots with the Turkish President.

“I spoke to Orbán yesterday and he assured me in a very clear way that what he told me last time still applies,” he said. Mr. Christerson insisted cheerfully. “Hungary will not delay Sweden’s accession process in any way,” he added.

But the Swedish prime minister did not know if Orban had hinted that the vote in the Hungarian parliament would take place before the session in Vilnius. Because a vote on Sweden’s accession is not on the agenda for the Hungarian Parliament next week.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Greece spoke of the “positive climate” in Greek-Turkish relations, stressing the fact that there were no sorties. Talk about an event.

  • But be sure that the Turkish lobbies will make … an “important” statement to Mr. Mitsotakis, who of course emphasized that Greece will not make any concessions in matters of national sovereignty and independence.

Let’s be real. Turkey grounded the flights to use the move against lawmakers who oppose selling the F-16s to Erdogan.

But we must finally understand that members of Congress and senators make decisions according to American strategic interests. Which means they are saying no to Turkey because the interests of the United States are at stake.

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However, they do listen to their constituents. They don’t do what a foreign government wants. Therefore, those legislators who insist on the issue of F-16, will first take into account the American interests and the “wishes” of their supporters, and in this particular case it is the expatriates who vote for them and support them financially with everlasting respect. American laws…

* the Michaelis Ignatio Certified White House and State Department correspondent and author. He is the founder of the Hellas Journal website

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